Arthur Owner/Manager Jandowae Five Star Handimarket
Letter in Jandowae Magazine (January 2014) By Margaret Atkinson

Dear Editor
I would like to acknowledge how fortunate we are to have our friendly 5 Star Handimarket grocer Arthur. Arthur has shown his commitment to this town by his highly visible support of all the local organisations, clubs and charities. And there are many in this town. Arthur either donates or discounts goods he assists where he can either financially or physically despite his own very heavy workload. Arthur is a real asset to this town, his commitment is evidenced by his actions. Arthur has set a precedent by offering a 5% discount on grocery items to all Old Seniors cardholders, he ensures that groceries are carried to the car, he even cuts the lettuces in half for his customers who live alone. He delivers groceries for free and quietly looks out for some of our unfortunate residents. Anyone on a motorised scooter is happily served from the footpath. Nothing is too much trouble. Arthur is to be commended along with his very helpful and friendly staff, we are fortunate to have a businessman such as him in our midst. Good on you Arthur.

Margaret Atkinson

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