New Shopping Precinct To Revitalise City Centre
by Josephine Gillespie Dalby Herald December 23rd 2005

The Jandowae retail centre is set to undergo an overhaul with Wambo Council approving a development application for a supermarket and three specialty shops.

Stage one of the project features an 800square metre seven-day-a-week supermarket on the corner of High and Jimbour streets in the Jandowae commercial area, one block from the town centre.

Stage two features an 300-square metre area space for three specialty shops. The proposed project also features space for 59 car parks.

Aussie Supermarket Brokers licensee , Geoff Bonney said the company was negotiating with an independent retailer to take over the supermarket lease.

Mr Bonney said he expects the planned supermarket to boost retail shopping in Jandowae.

"The project will help develop shopping in the main street area of Jandowae," he said. "It will be the catalyst to help rebuild the town centre and draw more people to shop locally in Jandowae. If more people choose to shop locally it helps all retailers."

Mr Bonney said stage two of the project was still under consideration.

"It's a matter of assessing where the town is going and what it requires. We might also find the supermarket needs to be extended and the option is there to do that, rather than go ahead with the three shops."

Wambo CEO Lee Vohland said the application had been assessed against the town planning scheme and given approval after it had satisfied all planning conditions including hours of operation and unloading of stock, parking and landscaping.

Mr Vohland said council could not unfortunately take into account the opinions of current Jandowae traders when assessing the application, as such assessment must be on town planning grounds only.

"From a commercial point of view there could be opposition from existing traders," he said. "In some respects we see problems for traders, on the other hand we're confident in the town of Jandowae and its future development. There's no doubt jobs will be created, but there could be jobs lost as well from other businesses."

Stage one of the project is expected to be completed around December 2006.

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