Jandowae Neighbourhood Watch Minutes (18/2/2014)

Present: Sargent Mark Avent, Margaret Atkinson, Brian and Ann McNamara, Rick Hogarth (Guest Speaker), Ray and Daph Polzin, Tony Brame, Bob and Cynthia Harling.

Apologies: Dudley and Helen Cronin, Philip Atkinson, Bevan and Mary Von Cronin, Senior Constable Alan Ward.

Previous Meeting Minutes read by M Atkinson, and moved as correct by Bob Harling seconded by Ray Polzin.Carried.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer, Ray Polzin reported an Opening balance $366.97. No expenditure, closing balance $366.97. Report moved by M Atkinson, seconded by Ann Mcnamara. Carried.

Guest speaker: Rick Hogarth from the Business and Community group spoke of the new name which is an extension of the progress and Heritage group. Rick spoke of the strategic plan for the town which involves more young people and a succession plan which will be revealed in the near future.
Tony Brame congratulated Rick on the success of the street party.

Police Report: written and presented by Sergeant Mark Avent, who also mentioned a new website for all crime statistics in any given area see www.police.qld.gov.au/forms/CrimeStatsDesktop.asp. And that parking in Jandowae is not restricted to white lines.

General Business: The secretary to write to Main Roads Department requesting white lines be painted in front of Police Station and Post Office.

Next meeting will be the AGM to be held in the Cultural Centre on Tuesday 20th May at 7pm.

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