Jandowae Neighbourhood Watch Minutes (15/6/2016)

Present:: Inspector Michael Bianchi, Sargent Mark Avent, George Sturgess, Brian and Ann McNamara, Margaret Atkinson, Celeste Nelson, Corrina Broad, Bevan and Mary von Cronin, John Grealy, Ray and Daphne Polzin, Philip Atkinson, Cheryl Schwerin, Max Barlow, Dudley and Helen Cronin, Mike Watson.

Apologies : Constable Craig Ellis, Cynthia Harling

Previous Meeting: Minutes read by M Atkinson, and moved as correct by Helen Cronin. Carried

Treasurers report: Read by Ray Polzin. Balance $1287.97. Moved as accepted by Ray Polzin seconded by Celeste Nelson. Carried

Correspondence : Inward: Advice from Corina Broad about the availability of a speaker to talk about the perils of surfing the internet; Reply From Western Downs Regional Council about permission to paint reflective house numbers
Outward: Mayor of Western Downs Regional Council requesting permission to paint reflective house numbers; CEO of Western Downs Regional Council asking about the numbers of houses with kerb and guttering in Jandowae; CEO of Western Downs Regional Council thanking him for installing the road-side sign opposite Taralga advertising that Jandowae is a Neighbourhood Watch town; Manager of Taralga requesting a road-side map display of Taralga Unit numbers; Queensland Police thanking them for the grant to pay for the painting of reflective house numbers
— read by Margaret, moved as accepted by Margaret, seconded by Brian McNamara. Carried

Police Report presented by Mark Avent.

General Business:

Meeting closed at 7.45 pm

Next Meeting: 7.30pm, Tuesday 2nd November at the Police Station.