Jandowae Neighbourhood Watch Minutes (14/8/2013)

Chairman: In the absence of Councillor Tony Brame, the chair was taken by Ann McNamara.

Present: Margaret & Philip Atkinson, Ann & Brian McNamara. Sergeant Mark Avent, Senior Constable Peter Horn (Bell), Bevan & Mary von Cronholm, Cynthia & Bob Harling, Ray Polzin

Apologies: Tony Brame, Daph Polzin, Dudley and Helen Cronin.

Welcomed To The Meeting Senior Constable Peter Horn , now established in Bell. Peter is married with two sons. Peter applied for the job in Bell as he no longer wished to do night shift. Peter gave us a brief rundown on his 20 years career. Over the last decade or more, Peter has been stationed mainly in Dalby. Peter relieved for 2 weeks in Jandowae in 2005 and an incident occurred every night. He also relieved for a month in 2009 and there were no incidents for the whole month.! Thus the vagaries of police work. Peter is very involved with the Masons, plays golf and enjoys a quiet country life.

Previous Meeting Minutes read by M Atkinson, and moved as correct by Bob Harling seconded by Mary von Cronholm. Carried.

Business from Minutes: Margaret mentioned that Ivan Grundy was placing signs at town entrances advising caravanners that they could park in the Showground but these signs have been removed as fast as they have been erected.
Senior Constable mentioned that there is an incinerator that no one wants in the horse paddock next to the Police house in Bell and situated near a large storage container. M Atkinson will advise Council that this might be used to replace the one stolen from the tip at Jandowae.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer, Ray Polzin reported an opening balance of $366.97. Also a closing balance of $ 366.97. Moved by R Polzin, seconded by M Atkinson. Carried.

Police Report: by Sergeant Mark Avent's included notice that
All illegal drug users will inevitably be caught. Various car accidents , illegal truck parking and the importance of transferring licenses when moving interstate otherwise a fine is imposed.
Report be adopted moved by Bob Harling , seconded by Mary von Cronholm Carried

General Business: M Atkinson write to the Council to:

— moved Bob Harling seconded P Atkinson Carried

Next Meeting Will be 7 PM on 12th or 13th November as advised via email to all members by M Atkinson after consulting the Chairman on his availability.

Meeting closed 7.40 p.m.

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