Minutes Jandowae Neighbourhood Watch Meeting at The Cultural Centre (14-feb-17 )

Present:: Mark Avent, Celeste Nelson, Corrina Broad, Cynthia Harling, Bevan and Mary von Cronin, Mike Wilson, Daphne and Ray Polzin. Max Barlow, Ross (Ambulance).

Apologies: George Sturgess, Ann and Brian McNamara, Cheryl Schwerin, Tony Stout. Helen and Dudley Cronin.

Previous Meeting: Minutes read and moved as correct by M Atkinson seconded by Cynthia HarlingCarried

Correspondence: read by Margaret, moved as accepted by Margaret, seconded by Mike Wilson, Carried

Police Report Read by Sergeant Mark Advent. Main points were :

General Business:

Meeting closed at 8.30 pm

Next Meeting: 7.30pm, Wednesday 3rd May at the Cultural Centre