Minutes Jandowae Neighbourhood Watch Meeting at The Cultural Centre (13/6/2017)

Present: Ray Polzin (Treasurer) Daphne Polzin, Margaret Atkinson (Secretary), Corinna Broad (Coordinator), Brian and Ann McNamara, Dudley & Helen Cronin, Bevan & Mary von Cronholm, Suzanne, John Gearly, Suzanne & Mike Watson, Max Barlow, Celeste Nelson, Cheryl Schwerin , Sargent Mark Avent, Jessica Lynch (Guest speaker, Prevention of Crime Officer).

Apologies: George Sturgess, Cynthia Harling

Previous Meeting: Minutes read by M Atkinson and moved as correct by Mike Watson seconded by Ray Polzin Carried

Correspondence: read by Margaret
Inward: Cheryl Schwerin passed on an email with details of the Resource Sector Permit Application for illuminated house numbers in Jandowae. Copy of email given to Suzanne Watson (secretary)
Outward: NIL — Moved as endorsed by Margaret Atkinson Seconded by Helen Cronin

Treasurers Report: presented by Outgoing Tresurer Ray Polzin.
Opening Balance $1306.04; Income Donation from Jandowae Business Group $200; Expenses Nil; Interest Nil; Closing Balance $1506.04. Ray moved that the report be accepted, seconded by Margaret Atkinson Carried

Police Report Read by Sergeant Mark Advent.

General Business:

Next Meeting: Tuesday 8th August, 2017 @ 7pm

Meeting Closed: 8.22pm