Margaretís report for 7th Jan 2008

Emailed minutes. Posted minutes on website

Phone call from Joan Gowlett requesting info on dog jumping. Margaret to advise her on Tuesday after meeting. 46685222 (Note Clint will not be at Show).therefore someone else may organize this.

Received letter from Governor. Phone call from Aide de Camp

Arranged for Peggy Greenup (Presidents mother) to accompany Governor on Show day as David too busy.

Wrote to about 40 potential sponsors as well as the regular sponsors.

Money and goods have been arriving from sponsors.

Many membership fees paid accompanied by donations

Space† forms sent out

Placed large statue of rodeo wrangler, donated by Dalby Dealers in library. with sign saying ďThis could be yours if you attend the Jandowae Show on 29th March.

June Schrag delivered some memorabilia of early Show exhibits for our Memory Lane exhibit.

Received 4 x $50 petrol vouchers from Reliance petrol. (Suggest we raffle them)

Cow brands from Mr. Morrissey Jandowae.

20 Horse pellets sponsor from Riverina Oakey

Considered auction of donated goods?

Sent 5 letters to horse people explaining why we are having no horse events.

All schedule information that has been received can be viewed on the†† more needed urgently as should be printed by now.

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