Margaretís Report Monday 5th February


Secured booking for Puppet land, will perform throughout the day. $500 for the day

Sent Space allocation form to Nelly Kelly Potato Bake, followed up with further letter advising of cost of electricity.

Sent space allocation form ( for insurance purposes ) to John Perry Crime Prevention bus Dalby. Met John Perry at Showgrounds and showed him his allocated position that would allow easy access in and out.

Received Ambulance booking confirmation. Ambulance on duty, from 6.30pm till 10pm for the Rodeo. Cost $61.36 per hour. We pay for 6 hrs as Ambulance has to be cleaned and comes from Dalby.

Sent booking agreement to musician, Graeme Jensen with $300 deposit. Balance $600+GST.

Sent 5 line free† add to Horse Report on line.

Clint nelson would like the Dog Show to be at 4.30pm

Received reply from A.B.Grains Oakey. They will supply Marquee for free, I confirmed booking and will advise who and when it will be collected and returned.. (must be returned following week).

Black Toyota, same deal, there marquee fits on a ute. May be able to collect it from Dalby other than Oakey.

Sent John Perry Space allocation form for insurance purposes.† John Perry Crime Prevention, Dalby is bringing an old Melbourne bus all decked out as a Crime Prevention Unit. John visited Jandowae Show grounds and we were able to show him a site that is easily accessible.

Wrote to Rotary requesting their assistance in manning the gate on Show Day.

Made flyer to request Sewards to attend tonightís meeting. Post office, notice boards, Groc. shop. Hardware. butcher, library, Tom Robinson. Jessís, op shop and Town notice boards.

Arrangements finalized for Miss Showgirl. contest.† Judging to be held at 2pm at Athlone cottage and the Miss Showgirl Dinner at 6.30pm at the Golf Club.†

An ad in Feb Jandowae magazine advertising same and calling for nominations.


Schedule books completed and printed ready for distribution..



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