Margaret’s report for Monday 3rd September


Emailed minutes to all those with email addresses plus Jandowae website.


Replied to Showman’s Guild thanking them for prompt reply.


Sponsors approached by Kylie. - Wrote to Birch C and Coyle Grand Central.


And received back two “2 for1” tickets.


Wrote to Empire Theatre. Said no to 2 free tickets.


Clifford Gardens will donate a gift if someone collects from the Management Office

(Melissa Anderson) at Clifford gardens with an official letter from show Society.


Lillian has agreed to write up “THE NEXT 10 YEARS” as from our 50th Show for our Hall of Memories.


Advised Wambo Shire Council of new committee.


Put in submission to Wambo for $1000 Insurance relief.


Wrote submission and posted to Wambo Shire Council for a grant of $5000.


Advised Pat Tynan of Darling Downs Sub Chamber Committee of our new committee and email address and website; so she can ensure correct details on calendar this year.


Sent tax invoice for $100 to Ergon as per response to Maree's request for sponsorship.


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