Jandowae & District Show Society
Minutes Monday 10th November 2008

Present: Margaret Atkinson, Neville Schumann, Maree Cameron, Kylie Brownhall, David Greenup, Celie Jeitz, , Susan Wilson, Gladys Franz

Apologies: Janelle Mittelstadt, Ivan and Katie Grundy

Previous Minutes: Read by M. Atkinson;  moved as accepted by S. Wilson seconded K. Brownhall. Carried

Correspondence: Read by Margaret. Moved  as accepted by Margaret, seconded by D. Greenup. Carried

Treasurer Report:  Read and moved by Kylie, seconded by M. Atkinson Carried.

        Resigned: Due to work and other commitments; Kylie will help find a replacement but in the meantime will assist each month and also help during Show week.

        We are all sad to lose such a great treasurer and wonderful advocate of our Show.


New Stewards.  Members were pleased to welcome new member Gladys Franz as Chief Steward for Produce and also Sue has advised us that Donna Tanner has also kindly offered to be Steward as well.  

                          Craft Club to be asked by M Atkinson to consider supplying a Steward. As the goods are so valuable, we need someone, perhaps on a rotational; basis. (We cannot display without a steward.)


TV Coverage for Melbourne Cup: George Sturgess and Micheal Kane to be thanked by M. Atkinson for the wonderful job they did.

Golf Club: Margaret Wilson, president of the Golf Club, to be thanked by M. Atkinson for the use of the venue for the Melbourne Cup and for her assistance.

 The Pigeon Problem :. All areas of entrance have been filled in by chicken wire. David, Ivan and Darren did a wonderful job and it was  a very hard day’s work. Thank you very much.

        Droppings to be cleaned:  Fire department to be asked by M. Atkinson to help.

                                                     Show-Ground society (Leiona Gadsby) to be asked to help in their Working Bee for the clean-up for race day.

State Government Grant: The department of Sports and Recreation to be thanked by M. Atkinson as wel as advise them of a change to account numbers

2009 Schedule:   Stewards are asked to notify the secretary of all changes as soon as they are available, so they can be published as the new 2009 schedule: as a booklet and on the Internet.

        Rodeo Advertising:    Lester asked M. Atkinson to arrange that the Rodeo be advertised   on the back-cover of the Schedule booklet               

        Bungee Jumping:  M. Atkinson to confirm that this will be part of the next show.


Meeting closed at 8.30.PM

Next meeting Monday 1st December 2008.



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