Jandowae Show Society Minutes 7/7/2008

Present: Margaret Atkinson, Ivan Grundy,Neville Schumann, David Greenup, Kylie Brownhall, Sue Wilson, Celie Jeitz

Apologies: Maree Cameron, Katie Grundy.

Minutes of the previous minutes be confirmed as read. Moved by Margaret, 2nd by Kylie —Carried

Inward Correspondence Margaret read Correspondence. Moved by Margaret 2nd by Ivan. —Carried

—Business arising
Margaret to attend the second AGM of Sub Chamber at Toowoomba with delegate Lilian Krog. Moved Margaret, 2nd David Greenup. —Carried
Margaret to ring Gary Rozynski regarding their special offer for TV ads @$ 1100.
Dalby Shire Council has agreed to give $200 for Art section this year as requested by Maree.
Maree has requested $200 from Ergon as a donation.

Treasurers report. Kylie advised that books had been returned for audit from BMO and all in order.
Report be accepted, Moved by Kylie, 2nd Sue.

Kylie moved that we put $25000 in term deposit for a period of up to 7 months at 8%.

Account be paid to newsagent Kylie moved. 2nd. Celie,. —Carried

General Business:
Adonation of $100 towards Kindy. Moved Kylie, 2nd Sue Wilson. —Carried

Kylie urged people to attend Trivial Pursuit night for Kindy on July 26th. Teams of 4 @ $5 a head.

Kylie will purchase for the Show Society 2 memory sticks to contain all information from Margaretís computer and all info from Kylieís computer in case of emergency. Moved Kylie 2nd by Sue . —Carried

The Show society send a sympathy card to the family of recently deceased Chrissie Rissmann, moved Sue, 2nd Margaret. —Carried

Margaret will place an ad be placed in the Northern Downs News that the AGM is the 4th August, more than 3 weeks prior to the meeting, as the Jandowae Magazine would not be out in time.†

Margaret to make a flyer advertising the AGM and Sue will copy and put around town.

Ivan mentioned the problem regarding the pigeons in the Pavilion. David and Ivan to consider the solution.

Margaret to write to Terry Arnold confirming his booking for 2009.

Meeting closed at 8.15pm. Next meeting Monday 4th August 7.30pm.
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