Jandowae & District Show Society
Minutes Monday 5th January 2009

Present: Kylie Brownhall, Sue Wilson, David Greenup, Ivan Grundy Nancy Evans

Apologies: Margaret Atkinson, Cecelia Jeitz

Previous Minutes: Read by Kylie Brownhall moved by Sue Wilson Seconded by Ivan Grundy: Carried

Correspondence: read by Kylie Brownhall Moved as accepted by David Greenup, seconded by Sue Wilson Carried

Treasurer Report:  : Read by Kylie Brownhall, seconded by Ivan Grundy: Carried.

The ANZ Term Deposit has come to maturity and it is agreed that Kylie Brownhall and Margaret Atkinson to arrange the funds be transferred to the v2 account as fund will be required in the short term.

All accounts accepted and to be paid. Moved Kylie.  Accepted David.


Business from Correspondence – OLGR UPDATE –Lillian Krog will be attending the course on Sunday 18th January to be licensed to be Authority of the Bar Services.

Australia’s Living History are in contact with Margaret re their entertainment.

Nancy Evans will be available to assist George Sturgess with the Photo Display

Photo Topics are to be altered pet/animal life to incorporate all animal photography.


Maintenance of the Pavilion:  Ivan Grundy is getting prices on replacement/spray painting of the reverse sides of the current boards. The reverse sides are in great order and this is an alternative to the full replacement.

Society will stay in contact with the Race Club to offer assistance with the annual working bee – Jandowae Races

Sue Wilson has organised the evening for the Show Princess Dinner  for the 14th February 2009 at the Jandowae Golf Club: Time Starting: TBA, Meal Served by: TBA, Judges: TBA, Raffle Prize TBA: details will be supplied at next meeting

All agreed to approach the local 5 star Handimarket to purchase the drinks as any unsold cans are able to be returned.  Kylie will talk to Arthur Sherriff

Meeting Closed 8.15

Next Meeting Scheduled for 2nd February 2009



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