Minutes July 4th 2011 for Jandowae and District Show Society Inc.

Present: M Atkinson, D Greenup, D Tanner, N Evans, H Gall, S Wilson, G Sturgess, K & I Grundy

Apologies: I Rasmussen, I & K, Russell, L Krog, M Cameron, G Franz

Chairman Presiding: S Wilson in the absence of I Rasmussen

Minutes Of Previous Meeting: Read by M. Atkinson. The minutes as read be accepted was moved by M Atkinson, seconded by M Cameron Carried. .

Correspondence: Read by M Atkinson , moved as accepted by M Atkinson seconded by D Tanner Carried

Treasurer's Report : Read and moved as accepted by D Tanner, seconded by I Grundy

Agenda Items - Nil

General Business

Meeting Closed: 8.10 pm.

Next Meeting: The Annual General Meeting, 7.30 PM at the Cultural Centre on Monday 1st August

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