Jandowae Show Society Minutes 3rd December

Meeting Chaired by Neville Schumann (in Davidís absence).

Apologies††† David Greenup, Maree Cameron, Sue Wilson.

Present:††† Margaret Atkinson, Sheila Campbell, Neville Schumann, Kylie Brownhall, Janelle Mittelstadt, Katy Grundy, Ivan Grundy.

Guests speakers. Leo McNamara, Assistant Commissioner of Qld Ambulance, Bruce Chalmers and Glen Maule Qld Ambulance Service.

Minutes read by Margaret. Moved by Margaret, seconded Kylie. Carried.

Correspondence: Read by Margaret. Moved Kylie, Seconded Katy. Carried.

Treasurer's Report: Presented by Kylie. Moved Kylie, seconded Janelle. Carried.

Accounts for payment. Moved Kylie, Seconded Ivan. Carried.

Margaret's Report read which includes a report from attending the Sub Chamber meeting at Toowoomba with Lilian Krog.† (See attached.)

Guest speaker Leo McNamara spoke at great length about what the Qld Ambulance could do for us at the Show. Bruce Chalmers and Glen Maule joined in the discussion.

In response to the objection that Margaret had raised at the Sub Chamber meeting in regard to paying one hour fee for traveling time was accepted as being unreasonable and we will no longer be paying this fee of $66.00 each year. They have also promised to have an active display at the 2008 Show and a demonstration of how to treat snake bites will be given. They will also bring a miniature ambulance called AXEL for the children to look through. The contact for this display is Bruce Chalmers and Margaret will send him a space form. The committee is most grateful for all of this.

A lengthy discussion was held on the effects of Equine Flu and our Show. It was agreed that the restrictions placed on the Show prior to horses entering the Show, meant we will be unable to have horse events in 2008. A motion was put forward by Kylie to cancel the horse events and seconded by Ivan. David who was absent had indicated that he would agree to no horse events if the meeting decided... An outline of the restrictions are in Margaretís report and a list of the restrictions are posted on the website.

Janelle advised that Chinchilla Motor Cross motorcycle Qld are the people to go through if we have motorbike events. A Gov. Body of motorcycle events issue permits. Kyle has heard some conflicting information regarding the feasibility of holding such an event. More investigation to take place and report back.

A discussion about fat cattle took place and it is hoped that this will happen. Margaret has spoken to Clint Nelson who will speak to Glen Franz.

Some discussion on cattle dog trials.

Discussion by Katy regarding doing profiles on past people. This is to be followed up and it was agreed that it was a good idea.

Meeting closed 9.15pm

Next meeting 7th January 2008

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