Jandowae & District Show Society
Minutes Monday 3rd August 2009

Present: Neville Schumann, Katy Grundy, Ivan Grundy, Celia Jeist, Margaret Atkinson, Lillian Krog.

Apologies: David Greenup, Kylie Brownhall, Sue Wilson, Heather Gall, Nancy Evans, Maree Cameron.

Previous Minutes: Read by M. Atkinson;  moved as accepted by M. Atkinson seconded N. Schumann. Carried

Inward Correspondence:

Letter from Jandowae Bowls Club advising of new costs to hire club and kitchen.

Letter from Office of Fair Trading advising that as we are authorized to raise funds for charity we MUST have financial records audited. Attached Annual Return, will be completed by Secretary after AGM.

Letter from QCAS with application for rural ambassador.

Correspondence: Read by M. Atkinson. Moved  as accepted by M. Atkinson, seconded by K. Grundy. Carried

Treasurer Report:  Submitted on behalf of treasurer by M Atkinson . Moved as accepted by I. Grundy, seconded by K. Grundy. Carried

No accounts for payment.


 B.M.O. Accountants advised that they were no longer able to do our auditing as they no longer do any auditing. The Secretary contacted Aland and Co. who agreed to do the auditing for us, but was not able to do so by the 3rd August which was the date for our AGM. Subsequently, the AGM has been postponed until Monday September 7th.

The Secretary will advise all members to bring a plate to the AGM, and supply tea, coffee, milk and sugar.

The Secretary has advised Jandowae Magazine and will put flyers around town. Margaret will contact Angus Lane and request that he mention this the week prior to the AGM.

Hanging baskets at pavilion: L. Krog advised that K. Krog and K. Sargent will attend to this. Ruth has the shelving in hand.

The Secretary will contact Mike wood re the lights for two corners inside pavilion.

Margaret will book Golf club for the Melbourne Cup lunch on 1st Tuesday in September and to do date claimer with Jandowae magazine.


Meeting Closed at 8.15 pm.


Next Meeting: Monday September 7th 7.30pm at the Cultural Centre



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