Jandowae & District Show Society
Minutes Monday 1st September 2008

Present: Sue Wilson, David Greenup, Ivan Grundy, Nancy Evans

Apologies: Celie Jeitz, Neville Schuman, Lillian Krog, Katie Grundy, Kylie Brownhall, Maree Cameron

Previous Minutes: Read by M. Atkinson;  moved as accepted by M. Atkinson seconded D. Greenup. Carried

Correspondence: Read by Margaret. Moved  as accepted by Margaret, seconded by S. Wilson. Carried

Sympathy Card: Will be sent by Sue Wilson on behalf of the Show Society  to Daphne re:her mother's death

Accounts Presented:  Show Ground rent & electricity  and Advertising Bill paid. Moved I. Grundy, seconded S. Wilson. Carried


The Pigeon Problem  I. Grundy and D Greenup will block access points with Bird Netting for about $204 on 13-14 September.  M Atkinson will ask Darren Cartwright to assist.  

                               Moved M. Atkinson Seconded D Greenup.  Carried

Melbourne Cup: Due Tuesday 4th November , will be arranged by Sue Wilson and Kylie Brownhall.

Secretary's Stipend: Be paid as usual, moved D Greennup seconded I Grundy. Carried


QCAS Conference 4-5 October 2008: The meeting approved that M. Atkinson represent the Jandowae Show Society.

Showman's Guild Dinner:  . Atkinson spoke about her attendance.

Meeting closed at 8.40.

Next meeting Monday 6th October 2008.