Jandowae & District Show Society
Minutes Monday 1st June 2009

Present: Margaret Atkinson, Kylie Brownhall, Ivan Grundy, Celie Jeitz, Neville Schumann, Lilian Krog, David Greenup.

Apologies: George Sturgess, Sue Wilson, Katie Grundy, Heather Gall, Ruth Sargent, Janelle Mittelstadt, Maree Cameron.

Previous Minutes: Read by M. Atkinson;  moved as accepted by M. Atkinson seconded L. Krog. Carried

Correspondence: Read by M. Atkinson. Moved  as accepted by M. Atkinson, seconded by I. Grundy. Carried

Business Arising from Correspondence: Dalby Regional Council sent cheque for $1000 towards cost of Insurance. M Atkinson sent thank you letter in reply.

Treasurer Report:  Moved as accepted by K. Brownhall, seconded by C. Jeitz. Carried

K. Brownhall deposited $27000 on term deposit @ 4.25%

Dalby Regional Council Sales yard donated $330.

No accounts for payment.


 Margaret reported on Stewards meeting held at Cultural Centre in May.

Ray Polson requested that M Atkinson appoint judge for Woodwork next year. Margaret will contact Mr Phil Murase, the woodwork teacher at Dalby School and request that he be judge for 20th March 2010.

A decision regarding the Stewards books was reached. There will be 8 spaces from each item, with the exception of Roses which will have half a page.

Horticulture needs more space as too crowded in pavilion area.  Ruth Sargent, Steward and other members, met at pavilion on 26th May, Margaret report to mtg. The mtg decided that Ruth would liaise directly with Ron Woods in regards to new shelving. David Greenup advised that he has wood that may be suitable for shelves.  More lighting required in Pavilion at Horticulture corner and the corner diagonally opposite. M Atkinson to contact Michael Wood to get quote.

The majority of stewards gave schedule changes to Margaret. These have been entered on the website and will be incorporated into next year’s schedule. A copy has been printed for each Steward to check. Contact Margaret for your section.

The CWA section needs new backing boards. This is to be looked into.

The kitchen in Pavilion will be used next year by the children from Jandowae State School for cooking display.

In regard to Prize cards, it was requested that the Judges signature be removed.  Colours for cards are as follows. 1st Blue, 2nd Pink, Champion Green, Highly Commended White.  NO 3rd prize required again.

Janice Donald will be chief Steward fro Handicraft next year.

Carol Smerdon requested that the Show Society have a stall of some sort on 26th July at Lions Park to raise funds for Cancer. This is not feasible and it was decided to donate $50 to the Cancer fund instead. (M Atkinson  to give to Carol Smerdon.)

Meeting closed at 8.30.


Next Meeting: Monday July 6th 7.30pm at the Cultural Centre



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