AGM 2008 Jandowae & District Show Society
Monday 4th August 2008

Chair: Neville Schumann (Patron)

Present: David Greenup, Celie Jeitz, Ivan Grundy, Neville Schumann, Margaret Atkinson, Lilian Krog, Nancy Evans.

Apologies: Kylie Brownhall, Maree Cameron, Sue Wilson, Katie Grundy, Bill Dalzell.

Neville presided and thanked David for his contribution as President for the previous year and also gave warm thanks to the previous committee.

David read the Presidents report for the year 2008. The report was moved by Celie and seconded by Neville. Carried..

Minutes of the previous AGM read by Margaret. Margaret moved the minutes be accepted as read, seconded by Lilian, carried

Election of Officers

Margaret announced that she had been given proxies for Kylie Greenup, Maree Cameron, and Sue Wilson. Each willing to be nominated and accepted for previous positions.

President: David Greenup nominated by Margaret and seconded by Celie. Carried.

Secretary : Margaret Atkinson, nominated by Ivan and seconded by Lilian. Carried.

Treasurer: Kylie Brownhall nominated by Margaret , seconded by Ivan. Carried.

Vice President(s): Celie Jeitz nominated by David, seconded by Nancy. Carried.

Sue Wilson nominated by Lilian, seconded by Ivan. Carried.

Maree Cameron nominated by Margaret, seconded by Nancy. Carried.

Patron: Neville Schumann nominated by Lilian , seconded by Nancy. Carried.

All nominations were unopposed.

B.M.O. accounts had been audited at the previous meeting. Cost of auditing has risen considerably, Margaret to request an increase in sponsorship from the auditors due to the high cost of auditing.

Neville advised further names to be added for next years awards.

It was agreed by all present that gate entry and membership fees remain the same for the next 12 months.

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