Jandowae District Show Society
Annual General Meeting

Monday, 6th August 2007

Chair: Bill Hoare.

Present: Bill Hoare(P) David Greenup (VP), Maree Cameron (VP), Celie Jeitz(VP), Kylie Brownhall(T), Neville Schumann(P), Margaret Atkinson(S), Sue Wilson, Janelle Mittelstadt, Nancy Evans, Ivan Grundy.

Apologies: Bill Dalzell

Bill addressed the meeting to advise that he was resigning as President and would not be accepting nomination for re election. The Committee thanked Bill for his contribution the previous year.

Minutes of A.G.M. 2006 read by Margaret. Moved by Kylie, seconded by David. Carried.

David Greenup nominated as President by Margaret, seconded by Kylie. David accepted nomination.Carried

Maree Cameron nominated as Vice President by David, seconded by Celie. Maree accepted nomination. Carried.

Sue Wilson nominated as Vice President by Margaret, seconded by Kylie. Sue accepted nomination. Carried.

Celie Jeitz nominated as Vice President by Margaret, seconded by Kylie. Celie accepted nomination. Carried.

Kylie Brownhall nominated as Treasurer by Sue, seconded by Ivan. Kylie accepted nomination. Carried.

Margaret Atkinson nominated as Secretary by Bill, seconded by Sue. Margaret accepted nomination. Carried.

Neville Schumann nominated as Patron by Ivan Grundy, seconded by Margaret Atkinson. Neville accepted nomination. Carried.

President David Greenup
Vice Presidents Maree Cameron, Celie Jeitz ,Sue Wilson
Treasurer Kylie Brownhall
Secretary Margaret Atkinson
Patron Neville Schumann

Kylie presented the annual audited report from BMO accountants. Moved Margaret, seconded David. Carried.

It was agreed that BMO remain the accountant for auditing purposes for the next year.

 It was agreed that Membership fees and Gate fees remain the same as previous year.

The next Annual Show will be held on March 29th, 2008

Gate Admission



Secondary student


Primary student


Family pass


Under 5yrs



$7.00 single

$14.00 a couple

$2.00 school student


Membership fee letters will be sent out by the end of August.

TRADE SPACE $4 per meter outside. $6 per meter inside.


Next Show Society meeting 3rd September. 7.30pm Cultural Centre

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