3 Stud Cattle
All exhibitors will pay the gate entrance fee. (Also see Conditions)

Chief Steward: Mr David Greenup (Ph: 07 4668 6192 Fax 07 4668 6120) Stewards: Mr J Haselwood, Mr L Martin, Mr I Russell, Mr D Wehl, Miss S Wehl

1. Open Led Steer or Heifer (Milk Tooth).
Trophy donated by GARY KROG
(Entries will be weighed prior to judging
and split into two classes based on weight
2. Bull under 12 months.
3. Bull 12 months and under 16 months
4. Bull 16 months & under 20 months.
Junior Champion Bull
Reserve Junior Champion Bull
5. Bull 20 months & under 28 months.
6. Bull 28 months & under 36 months.
Senior Champion Bull
Reserve Senior Champion Bull
Grand Champion Bull
7. Heifer under 12 months
8. Heifer 12 months & under 16 months.
9. Heifer 16 months & under 20 months.
Junior Champion Female Reserve Junior Champion Female
10. Female 20 months & under 36 months
11. Female 36 months & over
Senior Champion Female
Reserve Senior Champion Female
Grand Champion Female.
12. Breeders Group — 3 animals with both sexes represented.
All to be bred and owned by exhibitor
Young Paraders CompetitionYoung Judges Competition

Awards:Grand Champion Braford Female H. & C. Geismann Memorial Trophy donated by MRS GWEN PAIN.
Supreme Champion Bull of the ShowR.T. Hoare Memorial Trophy donated by MRS PEGGY GREENUP.
Supreme Champion Female of the Show— donated by JOHN & ROS HASELWOOD
Supreme Champion Breeders Group of the ShowJ R Sparkes Memorial Trophy donated by BILL & DELTA SPARKES
MORRISSEY & Co. TROPHY A stainless steel symbol brand or a three piece brand is awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points. There must be two or more exhibitors competing in each class for points to be awarded.

Special Thanks

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