1. Horse Section
Of the Jandowae and District Show Society Inc.
(All horses to participate in the Grand Parade at 2pm)

Chief Steward:G. Krog.— (07) 4668 2114 - 0407685593 Stewards: S. Wassell, R & D.Hawton, K Brownhall

Start Time8 AM
RingsOne FourTwoThree Five
General Awards
Progeny PairJudged from all breeds, to be by same Sire and Dam.
Champion Of Champions Selected from all Supreme Leds from rings 1,2, 3 & 4, with a Garland donated by FINCH ENGINEERING

Nominations must be made with registration papers available for viewing before judging starts.

Rings operating Saturday 19th March 2011. Entries are by ticket system and filled in by the exhibitor. Tickets to be bought at ring gate and presented to Steward before judging commences. Prize money will be presented at completion of each event.

N.B. All colts or stallions 2 years of age and over, to be shown with a bit in mouth and safe headstall and lead. These requirements are to be to the satisfaction of the Steward. All stallions must be controlled by a person 14 years of age and over. No stallion allowed in Hack Classes. In Breed Classes, all animals must be registered & registration papers must be available at the Show as proof of registration.

All breeds to act as judge directs

Ribbons will be given only where specified unless at a feature show.

In the event of a protest, such protest shall be lodged, in writing, within half an hour of the event, with the secretary. $10 to accompany the protest, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

No exhibitor, nor a member of the exhibitors immediate family, or anybody employed by the exhibitor, shall approach the judge with regards to a decision made by the judge, unless they first obtain the permission of the chief steward or person in charge of the relevant section.

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