8 Handicrafts
All exhibitors will pay the gate entrance fee. —No Entry Fee — No Prize Money (Also see Rules)
Chief Steward: Janice Donald 4668 5542 Stewards: Mary Blinco, Janine Sands (Judging Time 9.00 AM)

TROPHIES: Champion Piece Of Handicraft in classes 1- 37 donated by THE GREENUP FAMILY, to be known as the Mrs H Greenup Memorial Trophy
Best Framed Picture classes 2-6 donated by WOOLWORTHS/DALBY
Most Points in classes 1 - 21 donated by JANDOWAE COTTAGE CRAFTS GROUP INC.— classes 22-33 donated by "COWBELLES" BELL— classes 1-33 (and Ribbon) —classes 38-44 $5 donated by MRS M BLINCO— classes 38-84 donated by JINGHI VALLEY CWA—classes 45-51 donated by MRS P WOOD— classes 64-75 donated by MRS P WOOD— classes 76-84 donated by MRS M ATKINSON
Champion Article in classes 38-84 $10 donated by MRS J ANDERSON— classes 38-44 $5 donated by MRS B McKENNA—classes 45-51, 52-63, 64-75, 76-84 donated by JINGHI VALLEY CWA
Best Article classes 1-21 donated by WOOLWORTHS/DALBY, classes 19-21 donated by MRS S WILSON; classes 22-33 donated by JANDOWAE COTTAGE GROUP INC
classes 45-51 donated by MRS P WOOD
Quilts Across Australia a perpetual trophy donated by MRS J FEARNS —$5 for winner of each section 34-37 donated by MRS P WOOD

1 Leather article, not a whip
1aA Leather hand-made whip
2 Tapestry— gross point— mounted
3Long Stitch Tapestry— mounted
4 Counted Cross Stitch picture (up to A4 size)
4a Counted Cross Stitch (Unmounted)
5 Counted Cross Stitch picture (large)
6 Picture (Framed (Any other medium)
7 Hand Made Card
8 Scrap booking (1 page)
9 Stitchery (eg redwork)
10 Handbag
10a Bag (eg Hotwater,Library,Shopping)
10bBaby Bag
10cCasserole Carriers
11 Any article featuring ribbon embroidery
wool embroidery, candlewicking, hardanger etc.
12 Any article of jewellery
13Covered coat hanger
14Small gift suitable for Christmas
15Small gift suitable for a baby
16 Folk Art (any article)
17Cloth doll (dressed)
18Pincushion or needle case
19 Any article by a person over 60 years of age
20 Any article by a person over 70 years of age
21 Any article by a person over 80 years of age
Patchwork & Quilting
22Hand quilted article
23Machine quilted article
24Patchwork clothing ( any article)
25Patchwork cushion
26Article featuring naïve appliqué
27Log cabin patchwork
28Any small article of patchwork
29Patchwork Pram or Cot Quilt
30Wall Hanging (up to 1 metre square)
31Any patchwork quilt (commercially quilted)
31aAny patchwork quilt (hand worked & commercially quilted)
32Patchwork quilt (must be quilted by the exhibitor)
32aPatchwork Table Runner
33Any article of patchwork not already mentioned
Quilts Across Australia
This section is eligible to residents within 35k of Jandowae
—refer Secretary for guidelines etc
Winner will have the option to enter their winning quilt
into the Brisbane Ekka as the representative of the
Jandowae Show Society being an affiliated society
34The Durkin Amusements Pty Ltd Non-Professional(Piece Quilt)
35 Non-Professional(Applique and Other Techniques)
36 Non-Professional(Small Quilt -Any Technique
Maximum 500 cm. outer perimeter)
37 The Durkin Amusements Pty Ltd Open Collaborative
Commercially Quilted (Any Technique)
Quilt top made by 1 person and commercially quilted
Teenage (15-18 YEARS)
38 Picture ( framed any medium)
39 Hand made card
40 Scrap Booking (1 page)
41 Any item of jewellery
42 Decorated Photo frame
43 Any Article not mentioned
44 Any sewn article
Juvenile (12-14 YEARS)
45 Picture (framed - any medium)
46 Hand made and decorated card
47 Decorated photo frame
48 Any item of jewelry
49 Scrap Booking (1 page)
50 Any Sewn article
51Any article not already mentioned
Children (10-12 Years)
52 Decorated coat hanger
53 Fridge magnet
54 Bookmark
55Hand made and decorated card
56 Christmas decoration
57 Scobie Do
58 Mobile
59 Any item of jewelry
60Lego creation
61Decorated Photo frame
62Scrap Booking (1 page)
63Any other article
Children (7-9 Years)
64 Article made from wooden pegs
or paddle pop sticks or match sticks
65 Fridge magnet
66 Bookmark
67 Christmas decoration
68 Hand Made card
69 Decorated Egg
70 Any item of jewelry
71 Scobie Do
73 Lego creation
74Decorated Photo frame
75 Any other article
Children (1-6 Years)
76 Decorated pet rock
77 Mobile
78Decorated Box
79 Lego creation
80 Fridge magnet
81 Christmas Decoration
82 Hand made card
83 Any other article
84Decorated A4 page
Novice Section
85Quilt - by exhibitor
86Any Carry Bag
88Casserole Carriers
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