Rules For Stewards
1. Stewards will be in attendance at the Showground at the hour appointed by the committee to receive exhibits.
2. Stewards are responsible that the exhibits are properly classed, and all exhibits in each class placed together for judging.
3. Stewards will obtain the Award Cards from the Secretary and deliver same to the judges and direct them to the exhibits they are appointed to judge.
4. Stewards will attend the judges and afford any information required, but will not know, say, or do anything to influence their decision. They must not repeat any remark the judge may make to each other.
5. The Stewards will remove all persons from the judging area, excluding those required for judging the exhibits, while judging takes place.
6. Stewards will prepare Prize Cards with the names of the successful exhibitor and affix same to the exhibits.
7. Stewards will total all points and present the winning exhibitor with prize.
8. Stewards will total prize money for office.
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