6 Horticulture
All exhibitors will pay the gate entrance fee. —No Entry Fee —No Prize Money (Also see Conditions")
Judging Time 1.00 PM

Stewards: Mrs. R. Sargent, Mrs W. Hill, Mrs. B. McKenna, Mrs S Nauschutz

Trophies Best Native Bloom trophy, donated by BROWNHALL FAMILY in memory of the late Bev Brownhall
Champion Begonia donated by MRS. M. DAVIS— Champion Rose donated by MRS B McKENNA
Champion Dahlia donated by MRS. P. RENNICK— Champion Bloom miscellaneous section donated by MRS G IRELAND.
Champion Arrangement class 31-40 donated by MR. & MRS. J. HILL.
Champion Fern donated by JAN BICKERTON— Champion Pot Plant donated by MOTOR & TRACTOR SERVICE
Most Points classes 31-39 donated by MR. N. & MRS F. SCHUMANN—classes 41-44 donated by MR M. BARLOW in memory of the late Lyn Barlow.
—classes 45-64 donated by I & K RUSSELL—classes 65-70 donated by MRS. K. SARGENT—classes 71-74 donated by MRS. S. NAUSCHUTZ.
Best Specimen Pot Plant open only to members of Jandowae Garden Club $15 open order donated by GREENING AUSTRALIA

1Rose Red - 1 bloom
2Rose Yellow - 1 bloom
3Rose Pink - 1 bloom
4Rose White - 1 bloom
5Rose - any colour not specified - 1 bloom
6. Three roses - distinct colours.
7Polyanthus or Floribunda on truss
8Miniature Rose - three blooms - three separate varieties
blooms no bigger than 20 coin - any colour, in one container.
9Miniature Rose - three stems of one variety.
10. Collection of miniature roses.
11Collection of roses.
12Specimen - decorative or charm dahlia.
13. Specimen - cactus dahlia.
14. Best three dahlias - any colour & variety.
15. Specimen - Pom Pom rose dahlia.
16. Collection of dahlias - no less than six (6)
17Specimen Carnation.
18Container Marigolds - any variety.
19Specimen Gerbera.
20Collection of Geraniums.
21Specimen Zinnia.
22Three Shrub Flowers - distinct - spike blooms or truss - one container.
23Flowering Shrub or Creeper - one specimen.
24Best Bloom - Eucalyptus Gum.
25Best Bloom - Grevillea
26Best collection of Native Flowers.
27Specimen - Bulbous Bloom.
28Container of flowers - one variety - not Dahlias or Roses.
29Collection of cut flowers - not shrub - not less than four varieties.
30Any flower not mentioned.
31Shades of Pink.
32A Dried Arrangement.
33Making the most of one flower.
34Arrangement using Natives.
35A Three Flower Arrangement.
36Petite Width and Height between 10 - 14 cm.
37Green with Envy ( Foliage )
38Interpretive ( To be named )
39Basket arrangement (Fresh or Dried ).
Open to all exhibitors who have not taken out three first prizes
in the Floral Art Section at the Jandowae Show.
41. Foliage arrangement.
42. Arrangement of own choice.
43. Dinner by Candlelight
44. Arrangement using one colour only ( variety flowers/foliage may be used )
All entries to have entry form attached
Plants will be looked after by Pavilion Steward
Pavilion available for delivery for exhibits from 1.30-4.00 pm Thursday
Late entries will be accepted up to 10 am Friday
Entries judged on quality, freshness & overall appearance
45Pot plant in bloom or bract.
46Prettiest plant in container - both plant & container will be judged.
47Specimen foliage plant
48Specimen variegated foliage plant.
49Plant growing in novelty container.
50Begonia tree or cane
51Begonia - any other.
52Specimen Fern.
53Maiden Hair Fern
54Specimen Hare-foot Fern
55Hanging container fern.
56Hanging container - any variety.
57Plant - creeper or climber - any variety.
58Best succulent plant & or Cactus
59Collection of succulent and/or cactus - one container.
60Potted Geraniums.
61Community pot - (two or more plants growing in one pot)
62Any other pot plant not mentioned.
63 African Violet
64. Bonsai
Flowers to be grown by exhibitor 16 years & under.
65. Three Zinnias
66Three Marigolds
67Miniature arrangement under 12cm.
68Best pot plant
69Floral Map - any state or country to be named.
70Make an animal using fruit and/or vegetables.
5 - 8 Years - MUST BE OWN WORK
71Floral saucer
72Pot plant.
73Vase of mixed grasses - arranged - own vase.
74Posy for the teacher.
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