Memorial Hall Committee Minutes 20/9/16
Meeting held at 6.30PM in the Memorial Hall

Present: Betty Wassell, Dell Henderson, Norma Curd, Cheryl and Russell Schwerin, Tom Bradley. Sue Wilson. Glen Stranquist.

Apologies: Margaret Atkinson, Sandra Hayward

Previous Minutes: Betty Wassell moved that the minutes are a true record. Seconded by Norma Curd. Carried

Business Arising:

  1. Department of Fair Trading. It was noted that all committee business is now in place.
  2. Discussion re the application for Grant Funding to upgrade the Bar area floor requires a written quote is before an application can be forwarded.
  3. Wayne Osbourne to arrange a meeting to discuss paint colors for the painting of the kitchen. Tom is to contact Wayne, to find out what is causing the delay.

Correspondence: Inward. Outward

General Business:

Meeting Closed: 7.40pm

Notes taken by Dell Hendersen, as Acting Secretary.