Memorial Hall Committee Minutes 21/6/16
Meeting held at 6.30PM in the Memorial Hall

Present: Margaret Atkinson, Tom Bradley, Norma Curd, Sue Wilson, Betty Wassell, Del Henderson, Glen Stranquist, Susan Hayward.

Apologies: Cheryl Schwerin, Mark Avent, Necole Avent, Corrina Broad.

Previous Minutes: were read by Margaret. Moved as accepted as correct by M Atkinson seconded N Curd. Carried

Business Arising:

Treasurers Report: Read and moved as accepted seconded by M Atkinson
Glen moved that Margaret has 'view only' access to our ANZ account, seconded N Curd Carried
Betty moved that Margaret be reimbursed $38.90 for stationary, seconded Sue Wilson Carried
Paula Humphries has not paid account. Margaret will write to Cancer Council regarding reimbursement of $160 owed.

General Business:

  • Tom advised that John Grealy from SES has agreed to put rubbish bins out each week at no charge to us. Thank you to John and a carton of cigarettes to be given to him at Xmas.
  • Tom reported that workmen had left door open. Bad for security. Tom will mention it to future workmen.
  • Margaret and Tom apply for costs of floor downstairs area to be painted with Epoxy paint when Gambling Grants open on 31st August, and Tom will liaise with Carolyn Fisher WDRC
  • Bar area needs to be reviewed
  • N Curd moved that old Bain Marie be sold as never used so Margaret will put ad in 'for sale' section in magazine for $200 ONO. Seconded by Susan Hayward Carried
  • M Atkinson to contact Ron Woods re: repairing all window latches in Hall.
  • Old domestic fridge to go to dump
  • Tom Bradley will see what repairs can be done to toilet roll holders
  • Gary Hilke and Keith Johnson will assist Tom Bradley to install 5 bollards to protect sprinklers near the lawn area to stop cars from driving on the lawn
  • Kitchen now completed and signed off and gas certificate issued, so the Kitchen will be restocked by the ladies.
  • Next Meeting: 20th September 2016 at 6.30pm in the Memorial Hall

    Meeting Closed : 7.25pm

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