Junior Rugby League Club (Jandowae)
Safety Conduct
Tackle ZonesTackles above the armpits are not permitted.
Dangerous TacklesThe tacklers legs cannot be used to trip or throw.
Adopting a crutch hold is misconduct.
No vertical lift in a tackle is permitted.
A ball carrier cannot be lifted and driven..
Shoulder ChargeA defender cannot shoulder charge a ball carrier to effect a tackle.
Vicious PalmAn attacking plaer cannot thrust out his arm and contact the defender above the shoulder.
SlingingThe use of the ball carrier's arm or jersey to sling or swing that player is prohibited.
A defender cannot drop or fall on a prone player.
(In the tackle)
Ball carriers may surrender in the tackle. When small or inexperienced players are involved in a surrender, defenders must not complete the tackle.
Verbal Abuse
/Foul Language
The use of obscene words, threatening or degrading words are not permitted.
ScrumsNo pushing, pulling or rotating a scrum is permitted. All scrums are to be Depowered.
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