Jandowae & District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.
Minutes of meeting Monday 15th June 2009

at the Community Centre at 7:30 pm


1.       Present:  Ros Balston (chair), Peter Ireland, Vince Scouller, Margaret Atkinson, Peter Kelly, Shauna Coombes


2.       Apologies: Darryl Donald, Heather and Ian Gall, Sister Mary Cleary, Jan Bickerton, Violy Geist

3.       Minutes of the previous meeting:  Moved to be a true and accurate record by P Ireland, seconded by M. Atkinson. Carried

4.       Business arising:

Peter Ireland is to double check that the account for the windmill has been sent to the correct location.

We need to find out where Doug has distributed the brochures, and then post some out ourselves, to places including Bell and the Bunya Mountains.

Vince rang the guy in Kingaroy about the oven, and he is going to come over when he can to inspect the oven.  If it’s not too expensive and we could afford it, then it would be nice to have the oven functional for an exhibit.  There is a beam falling out, and more bricks have come out.  However we need to wait for the guy from Kingaroy to come out.

Peter Ireland is going to investigate a building out at Wyobie that could be suitable for a shed.  He is still looking around and keeping an eye out for things.  He is thinking along the lines of an old barn, with galvanized iron sides.  Another possibility might be an old garage out near the house that used to have the old exchange.  One option might be to put an advertisement in the paper saying that we are looking for an old barn or shed.  Ros spoke to Lyn Taylor about the jail over at Warra; however, the people are trying to get a policeman back, so we aren’t going to be able to do anything about it there until it settles down.

Ros and Vince are to continue working on updating the Athalone Cottage brochure.

There is an estimate of about 8000 people for the Opera.

5.       Inward correspondence

Carnival photos

Minor grants scheme re ramp – Ros is taking care of.

Powerlink – request for photos of what we’ve done with the money. 

Peter Ireland still hasn’t heard back from T. Langton regarding the excavator, however, he has found someone else who should be able to help.  Peter is to contact Darryl re need for council permission.

Letter from Carol Smerdon asking if we would like to have a fundraising stall on July 26.  Ros is going to ring and say we can’t, due to Opera at Jimbour.

6.       Outward correspondence


7.       General business

There is a sign going up in the Lions Park with all the local points of interest on it.

Two more grants have opened up, from Ergon and Seeds of Renewal.  There is also another Council grant coming up, and another Powerlink round, if we can think of anything.

We need to work on the Shearer’s Quarters, however, we need a shed to put the stuff into.  We could start on the empty bedroom and verandah bathroom first.  It would be nice to get a couple of male manikins to put into the quarters and dairy; and a projector to go onto the Shearer’s face to tell the story.  Ros is working on finding out the cost of such things and considering applying for a grant.  John Coleman might have a couple of photos of the old dairy, which would be nice to have copies of.

Ros went to the community meeting last Thursday night – there weren’t many there.  We need to update the Dalby Town and Wambo Shire Community and Facilities Development plan.  Each group needs to have a plan, and to fill out a form and update it. Rose thinks it is very important that we let everyone know about these, and use these, as the plans are used at the Council and State Government levels for planning.

The Courthouse furniture has been dispersed, and we’re trying to get it back.

Meeting close 8:50 pm


Next meeting 7:30pm at the Community Centre on Monday 13 July 2009.

Heritage Assn