Minutes Of Meeting Held On 13/10/2014
By Jandowae And District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.

Peter welcomed those present to the meeting and a special welcome was extended to Bruce Thomas.

Present: Peter Ireland, Heather Gall, Ian Gall, Jan Bickerton, Doreen Beard, Bruce Thomas

Apologies: Ros Balston, Beryl McKenna, Margaret Atkinson

Minutes: The minutes of the previous general meeting were read by Heather. Jan moved that the minutes be accepted as read. Seconded Doreen.

Correspondence: Heather moved that the inwards correspondence be received and the outwards endorsed.

Inwards — Insurance Advisernet, JJ Richards Enviro Grants, Western Downs Regional Council re. grants and Australia Day Awards, Carollee Murphy re. Australia Day Breakfast, Office of Fair Trading.

Outwards —Western Downs Council re. Australia Day Breakfast, Insurance Advisernet, Office of Fair Trading.

Treasurer's Report: The Cr. Balance is similar to last month $7731. Coffee has been paid for. $20,000 is to be reinvested from the second investment and $10,000 is to be reinvested from the first one. $5,906 is to be transferred to the Cheque Account. They are to be reinvested for 3 months. Jan moved and Doreen seconded that these investments be made.

General Business:

Next Meeting 8/11/2014

The meeting closed at 8.20pm.

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