Jandowae & District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.
Minutes of meeting Monday 13th July 2009

at the Community Centre at 7:30 pm


1.       Present:Darryl Donald, Violy Geist, Jan Bickerton, Betty Wassell, Doreen Beard, Sally Maunder, Heather Gall, Ian Gall, Beryl King, Jack Lockhardt, Shauna Coombes.

2.       Apologies: RosBalston, Peter Ireland, Sister Mary Cleary, Vince Scouller

3.       Minutes of the previous meeting:Moved to be a true and accurate record by S Coombes, seconded by D. Donald. Carried

4.       Business arising:

Darryl was unable to catch up with Doug about the brochures, but will persist after clarifying details with Ros.Doug has recently taken some brochures to Brisbane with him.

The Council have offered to assist with the creek.Russel Sterling was going to catch up with Pete when he gets the chance.They will have transport available for the rocks and so forth.If Terry would bring two trucks then a relay would be possible, thus speeding the process somewhat.

Jack Lockhardt clarified that the sign being erected in the Lions Park was being done by the Lions, and maintained by the Lions.It is progressing well.

Two pieces of the Courthouse furniture have been returned.Mark is going to find out what he can and establish whether there were two or three pieces of furniture.

The caravan park isnít overly hospitable, which is a pity for the effect it has on tourism in the town in general.However, as it is privately owned, there isnít really anything we can do about it.The Showgrounds will be opened up for the Opera at Jimbour.

5.       Inward correspondence

-          ABN/TFN application with an ABN and TFN

-          Invitiation for Relay for Life

6.       Outward correspondence

-          ††††††††††† Acquittal to Council for ramp

-          Letter re camping signs and speed limit.

Moved by S. Maunder and seconded by B. King that the correspondence be accepted.Carried

7.       Business Arising From Correspondence

We will need to do an annual BAS, to be taken care of by the treasurer.The fuel tax credit (thingieÖ) does not appear to be worth applying for.Moved by J. Bickerton that we ignore that.Seconded by I. Gall.Carried.

Darryl is to look at the tax deduction/donation thingie in more detail.

We are not interested in participating in Relay for Life.

8.†† Treasurer's Report.

As per attached sheet.The account is healthy, however, that does include the grant money for the creek.H. Gall moved that the report be adopted.Seconded by S. Maunder.Carried.

9.†† General Business.

Shearerís quarters: everything can be moved to one room and stored there temporarily to allow the rest of the quarters to be finished.After the Opera at Jimbour, it needs to be focused on.However the creek needs to be done first, before a working bee can be organised.

The train in Apex park may be for sale.It is owned by the park owners.One possibility would be to run a line down and store the train in the Lions Park.Darryl is going to investigate what the situation is, as well as who owns the old dray and the possibility of us acquiring it.

Catering for the Opera:Plan to cater for approximately 200 people at $7 a serve.Need approx 20kg of mince Ė people to cook as per Janís list.We can go in and set up at 9:30am.Beryl McKenna and Evelyn Naushutz will help out.Violy will help serve, and will get $200 of change for the event.Shauna will make a banner saying Jandowae and District Progress and Heritage Association to hang from the table.

The business sub committee is in the process of trying to revamp the business promotion week (the thing drawn at Rotary fete with stamps from the local businesses).They need a bank account with an incorporated body behind it.There may be one set up at Rotary, however, if there isnít, would we be able to help out?Darryl is to investigate if there is one at Rotary still.It would be possible if it were necessary.

Meeting close 8:45 pm

Next meeting 7:30pm at the Community Centre on Monday 10 August 2009.

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