Jandowae And District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 12th March, 2012.

Present:  Jan Bickerton, Ruth Sargent, Ian and Heather Gall, Sally & Darcy Maunder, Ros Balston

Apologies:  Peter Ireland, Doreen Beard, Margaret Atkinson, Beryl King, Daryl Donald

Minutes:  Jan welcomed all present and the minutes of the previous meeting were read by Heather.  Sally moved and Ian seconded that the minutes be accepted as read.

Business arising from the minutes:  The secretary’s name is to be changed in the magazine.  The sale of natchos at the Rotary Fete was down on last year but we were able to return excess goods.  Peter & Ian saw Brendan re. the old school.  At this stage they still want $5000 for the house and they want the site cleaned as well.  Lennie Drescher has provided a quote of $5,500 to clean the site.  Roger Eichler suggested that we approach the Council for in kind assistance to clean the site. Maree is working on the CSG grant on our behalf.  The relevant forms have been submitted to the Council for the removal and relocation of the building.

A letter is to be sent to Steffi thanking her for entering the Show Princess Competition and for representing our association.

Jan and Darcy are to plant the willow trees on the island in the creek.

Jan is to see Barbara about repainting the signs.

Correspondence:  Heather moved and Sally seconded that the inwards be received and the outwards endorsed.  Inwards – Powerlink re. $5000 donation.  Outwards – Western Downs Regional Council Forms for building approvals and a letter requesting they waive their fees and give us in kind assistance.

Treasurer’s Report:  Balance b/d $5630.97 Receipts $319.05 (Drinks $15, Cards $20.05, Memberships $25, Rotary Fete $259) Payments $490 ($60Peter for fuel, $25 Show Society, $138.60 meat, 5 Star Supermarket $195.40) leaving a Cr. balance of $5531.02.  An account is on hand for $19.35 for meat for the natchos.  Ruth moved her report for adoption.  Seconded Ros. 

General Business

Jan informed the meeting that a team of painters had been working at the pool and they were being paid with flood money.  Jan is to investigate this project with Caroline Fisher at the Council to see if our heritage precinct would be eligible for any assistance from this source.  The ramps and log both need oiling.

Voting on the future of the oven – A secret ballot was conducted which resulted in a unanimous decision to demolish the baker’s oven.  Heather is to ring Ed Hoffman to arrange for the Council to undertake this work.

Signage – It was decided that we would commemorate the old oven with a pictorial display of its history.  This will be placed in a prominent position - possibly in the old school.  The other signs will be erected on each individual building. 

Ros is to write a letter for the magazine.  The old dray still has to be moved to our site.

Jan reported on Daryl’s recovery from his recent operation.  Jan had sent a get well card on our behalf. 

The meeting closed at 8.35pm.

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