Minutes Of Meeting Held On 11/11/2013
By Jandowae And District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.

Present: Peter Ireland, Jan Bickerton, Ian and Heather Gall, Beryl King, Ros Balston, Margaret Atkinson, Sally Maunder, Daryl Donald, Doreen Beard

Apologies: Betty Wassell, Ruth Sargent

Peter welcomed those present and informed the meeting that the old school is now on site.

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Heather. Jan moved and Sally seconded that the minutes be accepted as read.

Business arising: Peter is looking into the new motor for the mower. The sprinkler is still not working properly. Arrangements are to be made to contact Mrs Morrissey re. Jandowae's history.

Correspondence : Heather moved that the inwards be received and the outwards endorsed. Seconded Margaret. Inwards — Office Fair Trading (incorporation), QGC Magazine. Outwards — Office of Fair Trading (Incorporation Form signed by Peter Wilson.)

Treasure's Report: The Incorporation Fee and the Insurance have been paid. The fixed deposit is $15,500.91.

General Business: