Minutes Of Meeting Held On 11/01/2014
By Jandowae And District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.

Present: Peter Ireland and Grace Ireland, Jan Bickerton, Ian and Heather Gall, Beryl King, Ros Balston, Margaret and Philip Atkinson, Sally and Darcy Maunder, Ruth Sargent, Grace Moore, Beryl McKenna, Evelyn Nauschutz, Ros and Tony Balston, Leah and Rick Hogarth

Apologies: Betty Wassell, Doreen Beard

Peter welcomed those present.

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Heather. Sally moved and Jan seconded that the minutes be accepted as read.

Business arising: Peter is getting the old mower repaired in Toowoomba.. The sprinklers are now working properly. Tony has the video of Mavis Hoskin's memories and the sound is good. The Council has dug out the other side of the island. Daryl is still to arrange for the younger men to clean out under the cottage and wash the inside of the school. The fire brigade is to wash the outside.

Correspondence :Heather moved that the inwards be received and the outwards endorsed. Seconded Margaret. Inwards — Western Downs Regional Council (insurance refund), Corrective Services Probation & Parole,Fiona Henderson (grants), Western Downs Recycling Grants. Outwards — Magazine (Breakfast). The meeting decided that it would be too big a job to supervise people doing community service as we haven't got the man power.

Treasure's Report: Ruth presented and moved her report for adoption. The Cr. Balance was $15,040.72. Income was $1132 gst refund and Expenditure was Wassells $9240 and $892.50 for Insurance. The Cr. Balance is now $6040.22. The Fixed Deposit is $15,600 and matures on the 12.1 and is to be reinvested at 3.35%. Beryl Seconded.

General Business:

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