Minutes Of Meeting Held On 10/12/2016
By Jandowae And District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.

Peter welcomed all present to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance

Present: Peter Ireland, Ian & Heather Gall, Margaret Atkinson, Beryl King, Beryl McK, Sally, Jan Bickerton

Apologies:: Evelyn, Doreen, Ros

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Heather. Beryl King moved that the minutes be accepted as read. Seconded Ian Gall.

Business Arising:


Inwards: Western Downs Regional Council (award nominations), Titan Shed contract

Outwards — Thank you to Rebecca for allowing us to put the sign on her land

Heather moved that the inwards be received and the outwards be endorsed. Seconded Beryl King.

Treasurer's Report: Income: — $5,000 grant for shed, Videos $50, Subscriptions $22.Expenditure — Titan Shed $2,566, Office Fair Trading $51.70.
Cr. Balance of $25,104.88. Fixed Deposit $10,539.90.
Margaret moved the adoption of her report, Seconded Jan Bickerton

General Business:

Next Meeting: will be held on 11th February at 9.30am

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