Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 10th September, 2012
Jandowae And District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.

The minutes of the August meeting were read by Heather.  Moved by Beryl and seconded by Ian.

Business arising:  Peter is to contact Tony Burke re. asbestos.  The window has been fixed.  Heather is to have the DVD photos printed at Woolworths.  We have a major problem obtaining building permission to relocate the building onto Council land without having an asbestos clearance as we cannot apply for funding from QGC without this.  Tony will see  what he can do to obtain this conditional letter of approval from the Council. If there is asbestos in the oven perhaps it could be taken from the school at the same time.  Lennie Veivers has inspected the building and said that it is sound. 

Correspondence:  Heather moved that the inwards be received and the outwards endorsed.  Seconded Beryl.

Inwards – Cottage Craft $50 donation, King family, Western Downs Council – (Carollee Murphy, Donna Ashurst re. RV Friendly Town), application form for Small Grants for Rural Communities. Outwards –Balston family, thank you note to be sent to the Cottage Craft group. Incorporation form to be completed.

General Business:  Heather is to write to Rotary and Lions requesting financial support for our school project if they have any money to distribute.  

Willow trees will be planted in the spring.  Memberships are due.

Volunteers are needed.  Jan thanked Hilda for her contribution over the years. 

There is a new charge of $6 an hour for the meeting room. 

Tony invited us to send representatives at 12 noon to the Council Meeting on Wednesday to explain our project to the councilors.  Asbestos removal will be $9850 plus GST and Wassels fee is $9240 GST inc.

Doreen presented an old photo of Lil Koehler and an early photo souvenir of the town. 

Heather is to send an email to Jodie re. the insurance and a letter to Tod with a copy of the asbestos quote with a request for Council support.  The next meeting will be on the 8th October at 5.30pm at the cottage.

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