Jandowae & District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.
Minutes of meeting Monday 10th August 2009

at the Community Centre at 7:38 pm

1.       Present: Darryl Donald, Ros Balston, Beryl King, Peter Kelly, Vince Scouller, Peter Ireland, Ian Gall, Sister Mary Cleary, Shauna Coombes.

2.       Apologies: Jan Bickerton, Heather Gall, Violy Geist, Margaret Atkinson

3.       Minutes of the previous meeting:Moved to be a true and accurate record by I Gall, seconded by B. King. Carried

4.       Business arising:

The train may have belonged to a now defunct Apex, or it may have been subdivided into the caravan park.It may have been a condition of sale that the train remain in the park.However, we are negotiating with the Caravan park people, trying to get them to donate the train back to the community, as it was originally a community train, and allow it to be moved to the Lions Park or similar.The dray was donated by Donny Blinco to the Apex Club, rather than the Park.

Doug is putting the brochures out as he goes around to different areas.

Vince hasnít had any response about the Bakerís oven.

There is no need for an account for the business sub-group.

5.       Inward correspondence

††††††††††† ATO annual return

††††††††† QGAP invitation

†††††††† Opera at Jimbour thanks and feedback

†††††††† Art @ Kogan stall invitation

†††††††† Letter from Ag Force about breakfast payment re ABN

†††††††† Boondooma Homestead brochures to go in cottage


6.       Outward correspondence

†††††††††† Nil


Peter Ireland moved that inward be accepted and outward be adopted.Seconded by Vince Scouller;†† Carried

7.       Business Arising From Correspondence

We will need to do an annual BAS, to be taken care of by the treasurer.

The fuel tax credit (thingieÖ) does not appear to be worth applying for.Moved by J. Bickerton that we ignore that.Seconded by I. Gall.Carried.

Darryl is to look at the tax deduction/donation thingie in more detail.

We are not interested in participating in Relay for Life.

8.†† Treasurer's Report.

Presented by Ros.As per attached report.Made $822.11 on the nachos.The money for the ramp has come through.

R. Balston moved that the report be adopted.Seconded by M. Cleary.Carried.

9.†† General Business.

The map the Council is using in publication does not have Jandowae on it.A letter will be written drawing this to their attention.

The Opera @ Jimbour raised $822.11, and was well worth doing.It went well.

Creek progress: to get an excavator in to do the work would require draining the creek.Council has said we cannot dig a trench, which leaves the option of siphoning the creek, however, the possibility of rain undoing the siphoning has to be considered.A group from Brisbane has a portable thing that cuts the weed off at the roots, which costs $1200/day to hire, plus $100/hour travel.It would be suitable for clearing out the creek, and as it cuts the weeds off at the roots, regrowth is rarely a problem.This seems a more viable option than getting an excavator in.Peter is going to follow it up and see if there is anything similar in Toowoomba.An excavator will still be needed to do the rock banks, and one side of the creek will need to be sprayed.The Council doesnít think there are wires or anything similar on the cottage side.Peter is to organise it, including the rocks for the banks.If possible, then some protection above the waterfall would be good.The Council have offered to transport rocks down to the creek, provided it can be done simply.Peter is to organise, and to take in progress photos.

Shearerís quarters: if possible, it would be good to leave it until after the creek is completed.The outside of the Shearerís Quarters does not need to be painted.The roof has Penetrol on it.

Peter has found some internet sites and companies with mannequins on them that look suitable for the Shearerís quarters and dairy.Peter to organise.Peter Ireland moves that we buy one, with a budget of $250.Seconded by Jan.Carried.

Heather and Ros are to get together and do some work on the inside.It would be good to get an old horse-hair mattress.Vince has two tea-tree bark mattresses which may be suitable.

Ianís found an 1888 cottage on Terry Sandís place, which has a sound structure.It has fibro in the lining which could be a problem.It is built of Cyprus pine and came off a Stuart House in town.By the internal structure, it looks like it may have been a shop at some point.Peter is to investigate.If it was bought down to nearly ground level, then the floor (hardwood, non-original) could be cemented, thus providing a nice shed, and an area that could be used as an office/storage area.It may be possible that it would be donated, however, the restoration and moving costs would be significant, for which we would need grants of some sort.We would like it, subject to finance.

Mike Green has part of an old sheepguard that we will be able to include in the fence.

When the Council service centre is opened at Jandowae, we should ask for an official launch, and possibly officially launch the Jandowae Brochure at that point in time.

Vince and Ros are to work out a brief town history to go in the front of the business and club contact book.Jess Flynn has gotten funding for the booklet from ads in the town.

There is another public meeting at the Memorial Hall on 3rd September, mostly to provide information.The people in charge of each division at the Council are going to come out and explain what each of their divisions is, amongst other things.

††††††† Our AGM will be in October.

Meeting close 9:20 pm

Next meeting 7:30pm at the Community Centre on Monday 14 September 2009.


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