Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 09 May 2011, 7:30pm at the Community Centre


  1. Present


Jan Bickerton, Darryl Donald, Heather Gall, Ian Gall, Peter Ireland, Chris Cooper, Ros Cooper


  1. Apologies


Violy Geist, Betty Wassell, Ros Balston, Doreen Beard, Sally Maunder, Darcy Maunder, Marg Atkinson, Beryl King


  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting held 11th April 2011


Presented by Ros Cooper; moved by Jan Bickerton that the minutes be accepted as read, Seconded by Heather Gall CARRIED.


  1. Business Arising from Minutes


Peter is going to see Morrissey’s about making the frames for the cottage windows


Peter & Jan looked at the two sheds on Ben Davison’s place, one is 16 foot 4 by 26 and the other is 14 foot by 24, they are both in good order. We would probably only require the smaller one, Jan is to talk to Ben about negotiating a price.


Moving of the German wagon is to be organised, Chris raised the concern that the wagon should not be moved until a secure and out of weather place can be found to store the wagon at the Cottage.


Jan saw Rod Dolly regarding painting of the cottage, Rod is willing to do it on a weekend if some volunteers are willing to go and help and we already have enough stain to do the job.


The Stonestreets Bus is coming on the 2nd of June from 1:45 to 2:15 we need to organise a clean up before then.


Darryl talked to Fiona from the council regarding the $250 that they were going to provide for the Australia Day celebrations


  1.  Inward Correspondence

None to present


  1.  Outward Correspondence

None to present



  1. General Business


Peter talked to a couple from Chinchilla about organising a Tourist Drive that could include Jandowae and the Athlone Cottage, further contact to be made.


Volunteers for the cottage are getting thin, Barbara Brotherson is willing to help and there is Beryl and Evelyn. Ros to organise for an ad in the magazine asking for volunteers to open the cottage from 10 – 12am one to two days a week.


Darryl to see Daph Bradley about cleaning up the tree that has fallen over and trimming of branches that are leaning over into the Athlone Cottage yard. Chris to cut up and remove once permission from Daph has been sought. Chris also to remove dead tree out of garden for Jan.


Stocktake of Cottage brochures and History of Jandowae brochures to be made to ensure there is still plenty in stock.



  1. Treasurer’s Report

Presented by Chris Cooper see attached report.


Moved by Chris Cooper that the report be accepted as read seconded by Peter Ireland CARRIED



  1. Meeting Closed


Next Meeting to be held is at 7:30 pm on the 20th June, 2011

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