Jandowae & District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.
Minutes of meeting held on Monday 9th February 2009 at the Community Centre at 7:35pm

1.       Present:  Darryl Donald, Violy Geist, Jan Bickerton, Sister Mary Cleary, Betty Wassell, Beryl King, Peter Kelly, Ros Balston, Vince Scouller, Ian Gall, Heather Gall, Shauna Coombes

2.       Apologies: Jack Lockhart, Doreen Beard, Sally Maunder, Darcy Maunder

3.       Minutes of the previous meeting:  Moved to be a true and accurate record by Heather Gall, seconded by Jan Bickerton.   Carried

4.       Business arising:

Peter Ireland is to hook the windmill back up to the tank, so that water can flow into the trough, and overflow into a waterfall.  The Shearer’s quarters need to be made gopher accessible, which can be achieved by moving a couple of posts and adjusting the ramp as necessary.  Darryl has found some wood that would be suitable to add to the verandah railing, however, it has been suggested to Vince that the railing is left as it is, as what is there is a handmade piece of railing that came from Mt Ivory, and is over 100 years old.  It was decided to leave it in the hands of the building committee, to do as they see fit.

The Powerlink application was due on 6 February, and was posted and dated on that day.  Ros contacted Powerlink, and, provided it was there by Wednesday, that wasn’t a problem.  The construction of walkways was included as a future possibility.

Ros still needs to get Violy the invoice for the laminator to be reimbursed.

Vince still hasn’t been able to contact the person in Chinchilla about the brochure.  Jennie at the newsagents suggested contacting Cranbrook press, who has quoted $798 for 5000 brochures, or $1148 for 10000.  We need to contact him, and they will print the brochures.  Decided to order 10000, as that is within the limits of the funding offered by the Council, and we can then send the invoice onto the Council.  Jan moves that Shauna contacts them and orders the brochures.  Seconded by Ros.

Jan has talked to Ian Usher about the garden, and anything done will ruin the path.  Jan will poison the plants after the wedding, and has also poisoned other plants down there, as necessary.

Decided to ignore the sounds of Queensland.  If anyone is particularly interested, they can look into it further.

Australia Day was very successful, even though it was rather wet.  $380.90 was banked, giving a net profit of $179.77.  The attendance was higher than previously, however, there were low numbers of young people, and the event is definitely worth continuing.  The positioning of the races and shade covers this year was very good.  Not many drinks were sold, perhaps because of the weather.  When it was raining, water was dripping onto one of the outside fluro lights, through a leak in the roof.  Letters of thanks need to go to Cyril Reimers, Morrissey’s, Rotary, Brian Weier, Doug Henning, Mick Cosgrove and the school captains, as well as anyone else involved.  Thanks go to everyone in the association for all their work, particularly Jan with everything she did with organizing it.

The meetings are now to be held on the second Monday of each month, as we can use the larger room at the Community Centre.  Unfortunately, this clashes with Lions; however, it was decided to keep it on the second Monday.

Ros has sent a disc with photos of the Baker’s Oven on it to Brian.  Vince asked Keith Birchall, from Kingaroy, to look at it, and said it was fully restorable.  It needs underpinning on the back corner, and the brickwork needs work done on it.  It contains no asbestos.  It is clay lined, with a sand filled roof, so if it is going to collapse, it will collapse from the roof down.  To restore it back to working order, the ballpark figure is $25,000.  We need to decide if we want it in working order.  We also need to wait for the report back from Brian, as there is the possibility that the Council may assist with funding any repairs done.

The second meeting with the business houses went well.  Rose and Craig attended.  The decision was made not to form a chamber of commerce, but rather to form a business subcommittee of the progress and heritage association, wit the power to expand as necessary, and the aim of progress the business opportunities of the town.  Finances will be run separately, however, they will be asked to join as members of the heritage and progress association.  Motion moved by Mary Cleary.  Seconded by Jan Bickerton.  Nil against, carried.

No one was able to make it to the meeting in Chinchilla.  At the next opportunity, Vicki Warden is to be asked about the best way to preserve the old document.  Over time, investigate the possibility of getting some glass cabinets, either picking them up second hand or getting them made, if possible.

Ros has received a letter and application form for the funding for the ramp, and so all that is needed it an account from Ron Wood.  Ros is to fill out the application.

There is a meeting at the hospital on 25 February, and anyone who wishes to attend is welcome to.  RSVP for catering by 16 February.

5.       Inward correspondence

Bill from Nelson’s meat for Australia Day

Bill from Five star groceries for Australia Day

Letter from Vintage Veteran’s Chevrolet Club of Queensland.  They will be in Jandowae on 14/15 April, and are asking for the cottage to be opened.  Jan has agreed this won’t be a problem, and is organizing it.  They were very impressed by a copy of Vince’s brochure that Jan gave them.

Letter from Dalby Regional Council about funding for the ramp for the Shearer’s Quarters.

Letters of support for Powerlink grant application from Taralga Show Society and Mary Cleary.

6.       Outward correspondence

Letter for Paul Price for Centrelink funding.  Contacted by Marg Atkinson about Paul going onto the volunteer roster, to fulfill the volunteer requirements for his mobility allowance.  Paul is to be responsible for the wheelie bin each week, and some weeding and other odd jobs.

Letter of support for the Rotary grant

Letter of thanks for brochure funding

Powerlink grant application, sent with letters of support, and a quote from Peter Ireland

Moved by Betty that all correspondence be accepted and seconded by Beryl.  Carried

7.       Business arising from the correspondence  - Nil

8.       Treasurer’s report

See attached sheet.

Violy moved report for adoption and that accounts received are paid.  Seconded by Vince.

9.       General business

Rotary fete is coming up.  Propose to do nachos again.  Last year, had 8kg mince, and used 6kg, as well as 12 packets of corn chips, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and tomatoes, some of which were donated.  56 people were served, and $339 was made.  Jan has ordered supplies for this year’s fete, and she needs helpers and a float from Violy.  People are needed to cook the mince.  Heather offered to donate and cook 2kg mince, and Ros to cook 3kg.  Jan is to cook 2kg.  Nachoes will cost the same as the Rotary bbq – charged $5 last year.  Jan is to check with Grace, and Ros will make a sign.  Mary, Beryl and Betty volunteered to help.  Doreen will also help if she is able to.

Shauna is to write a letter of support for changing the name of the Council from Dalby Regional Council to Western Downs Regional Council.  Letter to be sent to the Local Government Electoral and Boundaries Review Commission (GPO box 1393 Brisbane).

Shauna is also to write a letter to the Council thanking them for the Welcome to Jandowae signs, and asking about the possibility of an information sign.  Jan is also to ask about that at the meeting at 10 o’clock tomorrow.

Vince reports that shelves have been fitted into the dairy.  Before we do any more work on either the Shearer’s Quarters or the Dairy, we need a shed to store equipment in that is currently stored in the Shearer’s Quarters and the Dairy.  One option is to get a shipping container (approximately $3100 for 20 footer), and place it behind the fence that Darcy is going to construct.  Jan can plant around it to disguise it.  Another option is to build a shed, minimum 10 by 15 feet, between the shearer’s quarters and the tank so that it is out of sight, and won’t go underwater.  The shipping container is too expensive.  We would like to have some arrangements in place before fence gets built.  The fence is to go in front of the shed, from the verandah of the shearer’s quarters back to the creek on the other side of the pepperina tree.  Ian Gall has a roof that could be suitable – it is fully built, and could be easily transported in, and then walled in.  The floor would have to be cemented.  Ros is going to ask the Council if they could potentially assist with funding.  Ross Hartwig has a shed dairy that we could use, potentially.  John Blinco may have stuff at the sawmill we could use.  Sub committee of Peter, Jan, Vince, Ian and anyone else interested to look at it.  Shauna is to write a letter of thanks to Rod Dolley for the painting he did.  The blind for the front of the cottage is sitting in the Shearer’s quarters, and needs to be installed.

Ray Jamieson was shown the land we want last Monday, but didn’t seem overly keen on committing to anything.  He is happy for us to do the work and wasn’t aware of the financial situation.  We need to decide if we should ask Daph if she’s interested in selling, as having the land would make the entrance more interesting.

Ros is still organizing signs to go up outside of town, on people’s private property.  The sign writer is happy to do it, and she still has to talk to Shaun Morrissey and ask about sheet metal.  We need to establish whether we still need permission from Main Roads, even though they are going on people’s private property.

Peter asked about who is responsible for mowing the streets and parks, and the maintenance of it all, as there some patches seem to be missed.  Darryl is to ring Timmy Dreds about the lanes getting mown and not mown, and ask about it.


Meeting close 9:05pm


Next meeting 7:30pm at the Community Centre on Monday 9 March 2009.


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