Minutes For 8/04/2013
Jandowae And District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.

Present:  Peter Ireland, Jan Bickerton, Ian and Heather Gall, Beryl King

Apologies:  Ros Balston, Doreen Beard, Ruth Sargent, Margaret Atkinson

Peter welcomed all present to the meeting.

Minutes:  The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Heather.  Ian moved and Beryl seconded that the minutes be accepted as read.

Business arising

Correspondence:  As there was no incoming correspondence Heather moved and Jan seconded that the outwards be endorsed.  Outwards – Carolyn Fisher Western Downs Regional Council Operations and Maintenance Coordinator re.  refund of our planning fees and payment for the Australia Day Breakfast.

Treasurer’s Report:  Peter informed the meeting that he has a donation of $200 for the bricks.  There were no other transactions for the month.  A bill for $65 is to be sent to Craig Ellis for the use of the heritage precinct for his wedding.

General Business

Peter consulted Carolyn Fisher regarding the removal of the bricks.  A payment of $200 was made for the bricks by the people who live over the road.  Carolyn is arranging to have the steel and wood removed. 

Peter rang Tony Burke about removing the asbestos.  Tony is busy during the school holidays but he will attend to this matter in the near future.

A working bee needs to be held to attend to the tree roots and the pavers.

Rick is bringing the town signs up to date and one will be erected at Marnhull.

Peter checked with the bank about our accounts.  We have 4 accounts – a working account, an investment account and 2 others.  Peter suggested these other accounts need closing,

Peter was advised by his accountant not to proceed with making donations to our association tax deductible.

Susie is to access the ramp plans at the Council. The hinge on the bathroom door is broken.

It was decided not to accept the material from Heather Seigmeir.

Ian suggested that the history of the families in the district needs to be preserved in our facilities.

One willow tree is growing on the creek bank and two are still growing on the island.

Ian & Peter will have a working bee on Thursday if Ian is not harvesting.  The meeting closed 8.15pm.

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