Minutes For 6/05/2013
Jandowae And District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.

Present: Peter Ireland, Jan Bickerton, Ian and Heather Gall, Beryl King, Betty Wassell, Sally Maunder, Doreen Beard

Apologies: Ros Balston, Ruth Sargent, Margaret Atkinson

Peter welcomed all present to the meeting.

Minutes:The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Heather. Jan moved and Ian seconded that the minutes be accepted as read.

Business arising: The cheque for the Australia Day Breakfast is to be reissued by the Council. Donations were banked — $200 for the bricks and $60 from the Uniting Church Ladies Guild. The asbestos has been removed from the old school. Peter will attend to the tree roots. Rick's grant application for signs will be made to the Council this week. A 2.4 x 1.2 sign will erected near Marnhull. Peter looked into the bank accounts and we presently have a package of 4 — a working account, investment account and 2 others. Peter suggested that the Oddfellows board should go to the Memorial Hall. The rubbish still needs to be removed from the precinct.

Correspondence: Heather moved that the incoming correspondence be received and the outwards endorsed. Seconded Betty

Treasurer's Report: Peter presented this report on behalf of Ruth. Income - $200 for bricks, $60 from the Uniting Church Ladies Guild. The Cr. balance is $23,342. A letter of thanks to be sent to the guild.

General Business :

Peter is to check whose responsibility it is to pay the $600 demolition fee at the old site. The stump holes have to be filled in. Susie has completed the ramp plans and these are to be given to Peter.

The asbestos certificate is to come from Burke industries.

Charmaine is to inform Peter how the building will be fixed to the stumps.

Taylors arranged to have the power disconnected. The water will have to be disconnected.

We are hopeful that the building will be shifted in the near future.

Peter is to write a report for the magazine and he will make an appeal for more members.

The building will be situated 5.4 metres from the footpath and 1.5 metres from the side fence.

After discussion it was decided to attach the ramp along the front of the building so that the ramps will be facing one another.

There was not as much asbestos as they thought. It was mainly in the kitchen, bathroom and lino. The building is now clean of asbestos.

Peter pulled the hinge off the bathroom door and he would like an old hinge to replace it.

Russell Hill's son will remove the cladding from the building.

The next meeting will be on June 17th which will be the 3rd Monday in June at 12 noon.

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