Minutes Of Meeting Held On 2/6/2014
By Jandowae And District Progress & Heritage Association Inc.

Peter welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Present: Peter Ireland, Heather Gall, Ian Gall, Jan Bickerton, Beryl King, Doreen Beard, Ruth Sargent, Margaret Atkinson, Ros Balston


Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Heather. Ruth moved and Beryl seconded that the minutes be accepted as read.

Business arising:

Correspondence :

Inwards — Application for In-King Assistance from the Council. $2,000 a year is available to beautify the area. Suggestions were to apply for drainage and plumbing for the old school or for a sprinkler system to be installed around the school.

Outwards — None

Treasure's Report: Ruth presented her report. Income — none. Payments — $1750 to reimburse Peter for the timber and $48 for fuel. The Cr. Balance is $5,113.06. The following accounts were passed for payment — Jan $8.20 for sprinklers, 5 Star expenses for next Sunday. Ruth moved this report. Seconded Doreen. $15,906 in the Fixed Deposit.

General Business:

The next meeting will be held on the 14th July at 10.30am at the Cottage.

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