Dalby Bridge Club President's Report 2016
By Di Wenham 27/9/2016

Good Evening Everyone.

Firstly I would like to welcome everyone and send a big thank you to each and every one of you for your generosity and help when it comes to our congress and at other times when your help is needed. We are now a very small club so it seems we are asking for help all the time so a big thank you, we couldn't do it without you. I would also like to thank the committee who work tirelessly behind the scenes, making decisions for the good of our club and its members. We probably don't get it right every time but we do try.

During the year we have several projects done, firstly with Margaret's help we received a grant on the second attempt so that was fantastic, we could then pay for the dealing-machine, cards and boards we had purchased. Also the front steps were repaired and non-slip tape put on to stop slipping by our members when it's wet.

The sensor lights above the ramp was also repaired and all other sensor lights checked and working making it safe for Margaret and others to use.

The clock has been used now for a while and working really well, we all get to play 30 boards but the noise is still an issue in this club so our directors will have to be more vigilant with stopping the noise before it gets out of hand.

Most of you will know we had a letter written from a member of the Toowoomba bridge club after the March congress regarding the noise in our club and also about Alan Gibson as a director and not being to control noise in our club.

The letter has been addressed and we lost of few of the Toowoomba members which is really quite sad as we do need those members to make up our congress numbers.

Since March we held a 2 day congress in Sept resulting in 12 tables each day which was wonderful. Our raffles were really successful raising a lot of money thanks to Beryl's selling skills and to members for making up our lovely raffles. If we could all take one small thing away from the criticism we had of our congress, it would be to keep the noise down further so we can all enjoy our bridge especially when we are trying to play those hard hands.

During the year Heather resigned from trainee director and Welfare officer so we would like to thank you Heather for what you have done for the club, also thank you to Rita who has been babysitting that role till someone is appointed tonight and for also making our birthday cakes which are yummy. I want to thank everyone who has helped with the cooking, kitchen, setting up the room, cleaning when we are finished, there is always so much that has to be done before and after congress so this is a personal thank you to every one of you in this club. Teamwork plays a major part in any club or workplace and unless you have members that are willing to all come together as one and help each other when needed you will find a club in turmoil but, I think we have an awesome club with members that only too willing to help each other, we care deeply about how each other is feeling that day and only want the best for them.

There is something we can all do and that is not argue with the director when called to the table, she is doing the best she can but finds it hard when everyone is telling her what has happened and then raising their voices to be heard, just leave it to the person who calls her. The director also brings the rule book to the table and reads the decision out. Del is going to print up a few of the most frequent rules we use when she has time: we are using Reg Buschs rules off his website.

Lastly, I truly believe each one of us care deeply about our club mates and everything that is in the best interest of our club.

You all should be so proud of yourselves and the club you have made here as it is known is bridge circles for being a great place to come for friendship, good food and to have a lovely game of bridge.

Not many clubs have this said about them, normally all you hear is about their internal arguing and this is quite uncomfortable when you are friends with both sides.

As you can see my letter is more a thank you letter to each and every one of you for making our club an awesome place to play bridge and invite visitors.

Thank you.

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