November 2016 News Letter
For The Dalby Bridge Club (25 November, 2016)

President Report

Hope this report find you all well.

We had our congress in September, after much emailing and ringing around we finally got 12 tables and teams and had a very lovely day and made a profit as well.

We are going to push heavily in the new year to find people to learn to play bridge, Rebecca has taken on the task of teaching them. She is going to a teaching day in Brisbane next week. Good luck Bee. The committee has decided to have our Christmas party at the club rooms this year and Marg will be organising the event. Thank you Marg K.

The girls from here went to Toowoomba to play teams of three, they don't know if they learnt much, but they had a lovely day.

We have decided to do the same thing at our club and some of the more experienced players will be the mentors on the day. If you are interested, put your name on the board Thanks Di

Firstly on behalf of the club I would like to congratulate our team of Penny, Rita, Margaret and Diane on coming 3rd at the Swiss Teams Event inToowoomba last weekend. This was a great effort especially as there were 24 teams competing. So well done girls.

At Kim Ellaway's suggestion, we are looking at reversing the formats of our two Congresses. It would appear that the September time slot is a busier time in the Bridge calendar and it would make more sense to have the Dalby two-day Congress in the earlier part of the year and a one-day congress in September. Diane and Kim will be working on this together and advise us what will be happening in 2017.

Time tables and bridge calendars are always a bit of a nightmare for those compiling them. It was suggested to me that, within our calendar, we seemed to have a block of having to change partners for the Single events and finding pairs to make up team events. I put it to the meeting, and it was pointed out that the early part of the year there were a lot of public holidays (ie Easter) and it was difficult to work around them when needing two or more consecutive weeks for any event.

We all enjoy our bridge (or we wouldn't be here) but what seems to be a sticky issue (no pun intended) is the matter of comfort. Air Con, no Air Con, fans, no fans, this part of room too hot, this part of room too cold!!! Trouble is we all have a different thermostat, but we do need to consider others rather than just ourselves. To make the decision easy for directors, even on warm days, bring a shawl, cardigan or jacket and if there is a drastic change in weather, the director can make the decision.

Christmas party /trophy night is just around the corner, Tuesday 13th December @ 6pm for a sit down meal. We will be catering ourselves, and Marg or Rita will let us know what they need from us. If you do not wish to contribute to the meal you can give a $10 donation towards it. Don't forget $10 Santa gift and two items for charity hamper with Women in Crisis as the beneficiaries. Peter's teaching spot: