May 2017 News Letter
For The Dalby Bridge Club by President Diane

Good morning Bridge members, the months are flying, and heaps of Congresses have been played. Members from our club have been attending and doing extremely well. I encourage the newer players to attend as it is a great experience and you learn heaps. Bee is doing a great job of teaching a few new members, if anyone knows of anyone interested to learn, could they give Bee their names so we can get a few new members.

Jimbob has pruned the trees and shrubs and the grounds look very neat and well kept now. A few more trees have to be pruned a bit harder and this will be done shortly. Jimbob is the same gardener that Herb used to get to mow the lawn, so I have organised him to come on a regular basis to look after the lawn and anything Margaret Mangold wants done.

Margaret Keating has had her operation and is doing well. We wish her a speedy recovery. Heather and Geoff [Bradley] have retired so wishing them great travels in their caravan, spending quality time together.

The directors are going to have a get together to make sure we are all on the same page. Margaret Mangold is going to learn to direct and will be starting soon. Please give her a go and don't argue with her as it is a very hard job. Jenny will learn after I have Margaret up and running and confident to go it alone.

One last thing I want to mention is about the 3 minute rule. The clock is set for 6 minutes a board plus an extra 2 minutes overall. Once the clock gets to the last 3 minutes, it will buzz and this tells you a board unplayed can't be picked up and played. If we continue to override this rule, we will have 75% of the room finished, waiting for the next round and then the room gets extremely noisy. If a board is taken off you, it is not to be mean, it's because we need to keep the room moving so we can get home at a reasonable time. When a board is taken from you, you never get zero instead you get an average score. Please be aware of how slow you are playing and this will not happen.

Each day/night there is a different director. They set up the session, decide on the movement, how many boards to play etc, and it takes time to get everything ready to go. Should you find something you think could be wrong or problems with the bridgemates, you call for the director of the day and wait for her to come, not another director. Other directors are not to jump up and decide to take over from the director of the day. This undermines her authority in front of the whole room and is embarrassing for her. The director will ask if she needs help, so other directors stay put and enjoy your day of Bridge.

Happy Bridging from Di

Firstly congratulations to Diane and Penny who came 44th in the recent nationwide Bridge for Brains Competition. With nearly 2000 pairs competing, this is a very commendable result.

The following items came out of the April management meeting:

Next meeting to be held 26th May. NOTE: New starting time to be 8.30am.

One thing I think we all take for granted is the time and commitment our executives contribute to ensure our club runs smoothly. There is a lot of responsibility and we are very lucky to have a competent trio like Di, Annette and Beryl. They just need to know that the work they do is really appreciated. For example, at our last Congress, we had four and a half more tables than in 2016 resulting in nomination fees increased by $540 to $3420. This, together with the $557 from raffles was a great effort resulting in a lot of money to be counted, banked and distributed. Our net profit from that weekend was $1800 — pretty good for a small club like Dalby.