May 2016 News Letter
For The Dalby Bridge Club (1 May, 2016)

President Report

Hope this report finds everyone fit and well.

Since the last report we have had a very successful congress. We sold over $400 in the raffle which is awesome..A big thank you Beryl.

Elisabeth and Yvonne helped in the kitchen and a big thank you to them.

Our dealing machine is up and running perfectly now, it puts our hand records on the web which is great so everyone can go home and check what they have done during the session. Bec and I deal the hands before bridge on Tuesday and it only takes 30 mins for 3 sessions. Mark Kelly (handyman) repaired our fronts steps during the month and has done a great job so they are now safe. GNOT team trials are being played over the next 2 weeks and we will be able to send 2 teams to the playoff as everyone was really helpful rounding up 6 teams to play. The GNOT is played for gold points and this only happens once a year at this time,good luck everyone. Have a lovely day — Diane

Since Di sent her letter the GNOT team trials have been played, but as yet Chris has not sent the official results. Diane's team won the competition and Lorna's team were the runners up. Congratulations too to Diane and Margaret for winning the Cam Spinks Handicap Event.

Our Congress was a financial success with a profit of $1950.00. At our meeting there was a lot of discussion regarding the noise factor at the Congress following an official complaint by letter from a Toowoomba player. It is a difficult situation and one we have to address both as hosts to visitors and on a local front week by week. It is up to all of us to make an effort even if we feel we are quiet it all adds up. It especially seems to be a problem when play is consistently very slow, so that needs to be addressed also.

Our B graders did us proud at the Congress with Jenny Speziali and Heather Bradley combining very well to claim 8th spot and win the B grade section, whilst Beryl and Annette Griffiths did very well to come 3rd.

On a lighter note. Did you hear the story where the husband of one of our players locked one of our members in the shed at the golf club?

And again Did you hear how one of our members had a slight panic attack when the tablecloths she took home in a green garbage bag to wash went missing? A frantic search both at home and at bridge club rubbish bins revealed nothing. Turns out another player had taken them home to do the good deed for her.

A big thank you to Rita for the poppy seed cakes (yum) and all the other goodies she makes for birthdays and other times for no reason at all just to spoil us!

Talking of birthdays, it is great to see Herb notch up another one, 95th I do believe. Hope both he and Verna will soon be able to move into their new home, we wish them all the best and hope they enjoy many happy times at St Marks Retirement Village.

Lots of comings and goings at the club with the freedom of retirement. Some hit the road, caravans in tow, some take the easy road and let Probus do all the organising and just sit back and relax. Beryl is planning to have some local trip followed by a big one to the UK. So what are the best years of your life? In spite of aches, pains and wobbly knees, I am pretty sure this has to be the best time. So enjoy!

A couple events being offered in June:
Toowong Swiss Pairs for Open and Restricted players Sunday 19th June
QBA teams of three is being offered to Novice players on Saturday 11th June. This seems like a great learning experience where the fourth team member is an expert bridge player who is able (I quote) to 'coach, support, teach and cajole'.

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