January 2016 News Letter
For The Dalby Bridge Club (13/1/2016)


Hi All,
I do hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

One exciting thing that happened towards the end of the year was awarding Life Membership to Herb and Verna. As they were both really sick, and at the Coast, I decided to post it to them so they would receive it for Christmas.

I hear everyone is really looking forward to bridge starting again for 2016, we are like a family not wanting to spend too much time without seeing our bridge buddies, so welcome back and good bridging. Our Christmas party was excellent, the way we set up the tables meant we could ail see and talk to each other, thanks Margaret, Rita and Beryl. The tables were set beautifully and having the Christmas party at our club was the right choice this year, l have had so many of our members agreeing with the choices made. The most exciting part of the night was the arrival of Herbie and Verna which was a surprise for many.

I have been talking to Herbie, and he was telling me they are moving into St Marks units, the house is much too big and he wants Verna to stop working so hard. As for them coming back to bridge, I don't think that will eventuate as Herb was telling me that the Parkinson's is catching up with him and they are both too sick to come. I for one love them and will miss them dearly. Over the years Herbie has always looked after the bridge garden, organising the mowing and pruning and contacting the council for different things on our behalf. Verna has always done floral arrangements for our congresses and they were beautiful. Herb was Vice President for many years. They will be sadly missed from our club. Thank you to Jan and John for having our 2016 bridge books ready before we ended for the year. They kindly donate all our books, congress forms and also donated the life membership award for Herb and Verna. Here's to a good year of bridging and friendship. — Diane.

Welcome to bridge for 2016 hope it will be a good year for everyone, good health, good friends, good bridge and time to laugh and be happy. As we start back, I would like to wish players off to the Gold Coast next month, clear thinking at the bridge tables, relaxation at the social side and of course, most importantly, inspired shopping.

Don't forget that subs of $50 are now due and, if you haven't already bought your program book, they are available for $2 each. Looking through the program book, I found the notes on Ethics and Courtesy really made good sense. It would not do any of us any harm to turn to pages 19/20 and have a read. Christmas party was great and lovely to have Santa and Elf doing their job again. Have a little look at photo section on our web page for photos taken at the party. Whilst on the webpage have a look at new Members Page where I hope to house Newsletters in the future. Committee members and calendar details are up to date.

At the December meeting it was noted that there appeared to be a communication breakdown in regard to Theresa Flegler and the catering for our Christmas party. A letter of apology has been sent to Theresa. OzCare gratefully accepted our Christmas hamper. I noted in the Dalby Herald that they publicly acknowledged the donation.

Problems with Air Conditioner have been resolved. It appeared that at one time the water had been turned off so A/C failed to work. It is important now that the front door and end windows remain open. The Director is the only person in charge of regulating temperature and any requests must be addressed to her. At the meeting another concern was the calling of the Director. When called, only one person at table is to explain problem. Care needs to be taken so calls are minimised and delays reduced, if play is really slow, it may necessitate the clock being put in use and boards unplayed cancelled.

On a lighter note Happy Birthday to Carmel. A belated birthday greeting to Annette T who celebrated her birthday on the 7th January. — Dell

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