April 2017 News Letter
For The Dalby Bridge Club by President Diane

Good morning Bridge Club. There has been a lot happening lately.We held our Two Day Congress in March this year, we were hoping to attract more players for Pairs and Teams, but unfortunately it just didn't happen. I guess it must be a sign of the times. In September we will have just a single event with a Pairs competition on the Sunday.

The raffle raised well over $300 which was fantastic. It's amazing how Beryl and Annette are able to coax players into buying heaps of tickets! Also thanks to Dalby members for donating the prizes.

As a small club we always have a good roll up of members giving their support to all the congresses in the district.You should be very proud of our little club as nearly always someone comes home with a placing.

The GNOT teams have now started and I am pleased that we are able to have six teams competing. Sunday 9th April we are hosting the Zone teams and we would like as many as we can get to play, to make up the numbers.

Bec has started lessons and is doing really well. I just want to thank Bee for taking on the role of teacher.

That's all the news for now. Happy Bridging. Items that came up at the March meeting:

It was great to have Russell join us for morning tea once again on the Marie Walton Memorial Day. Maybe there are ideas of how we can improve on this day when Russell makes the effort to come and present prizes? Congratulations to Daphne and Margaret for taking the honours this year.

As Diane said, Dalby players are great supporters of other clubs congresses which no doubt improves their play and Red points talley! Last weekend 12 players from Dalby competed in Toowoomba's Butlers Pairs, a great representation from a small club. It is good to repay Toowoomba players for the great support they give to us.

Thank you to Ruth for supplying the walker, like Diane said we are all getting older and some will need walkers, great to not have to bring one in car.

Doubling your partner, seems to be a common problem at this club!!! As I couldn't find it in rules, I asked Chris Snook for a ruling and this was his reply: This is called an inadmissible double and by Law 36, it cannot be allowed and cannot be accepted. This inadmissible call is removed, and the player must substitute any legal call (they can pass or bid) but whatever they do, their partner must pass for the rest of the auction.