Dalby Bridge Club Minutes 29/7/2016
Meeting held at 8:45am in the Bridge Club Rooms

M. Atkinson presided as the President, D. Wenham, and Vice President, A. Taylor, were absent.

Present: A. Griffiths, E. Mahoney, P. & M. Atkinson, D. Smith, H. Bradley, R. Routley, R. Knight, J. Clark, B. McKay

Apologies: A. Taylor, M. Keating, D. Wenham

Previous Minutes were read by B. Mckay. Confirmed by P Atkinson Seconded J. Clark.Carried

Business Arising

INWARDS — Congresses,
OUTWARDS — Shane Mead, Carvosso & Winship, thanking him for doing the lease with W.D.R.C. as honorary
J. Clark Moved the Inwards Correspondence be received and the Outward Correspondence be endorsed. Seconded M. Atkinson Carried

Financial Report
— INCOME: Table Fees — Day $510, Night $360, 1 Sub (M. Mango for $50 less $30 Affiliation Fees paid Gympie) $20.00 , 1 Programme $2.00, Bank Interest $0.15 Total $892.15
— ACCOUNTS PASSED FOR PAYMENT: Goldings Air Conditioning Service $126.50, WDRC (Water) $141.64, Ergon Energy $254.30, Telstra $83.20, Mark Kelly (non-slip tape for steps) $130.00, Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading $51.70
The Treasurer, A. Griffiths, moved her financial report, which showed a credit balance of $8080.45, as PER Financial Statement June 2016, be received and accounts be endorsed for payment. Seconded E. Mahoney Carried

General Business

Next Meeting: Friday 19th August 2016 at 8.45 am

Meeting Closed : 9.15 am

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