Dalby Bridge Club Minutes 28/4/2017
Meeting held at 8:45am in the Bridge Club Rooms

Present: D. Wenham, A. Griffiths, P. & M. Atkinson, J. Clark, R. Routley, M. Mangold, D. Smith, R. Knight, M. York, E. Mahoney, B. McKay

Apologies: M Keating

Previous Minutes were read, moved as correct by R Knight Seconded M Mangold. Carried

Business Arising

INWARDS — Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser (Meeting decided not to participate), Congresses
OUTWARDS — R. Sargent : Thank you letter for Wheelie Walker
J. Clark Moved the Inward Correspondence be received and the Outwards endorsed. Seconded M. Mangold. Carried

Financial Report
— INCOME: Table Fees (Day) $660, (Night) $470; Annual Membership Dues $140; Congess Nominations $3420; Raffles $557; Bank Interest $0.14 $5,247.14
Accounts Passed for Payment: Ergon Energy $413.97; Telstra $83.03
Annette Griffith moved her financial report, which showed a credit balance of $6341.32, as per Financial Statement March 2017, be received and accounts moved for payment be passed for payment. Seconded R. Routley. Carried

General Business (Around the Room)

Next Meeting: Friday 26/5/2017 at 8. 30 am

Meeting Closed : 9.30 am